Fund Nurtures Community Garden Project

Auckland-wide environmental group Kaipātiki Project is just one of many community organisations to benefit from the Your West Support Fund.

Set up by The Trusts, the Fund helps charitable groups struggling to meet their operating costs as a result of Covid-19. The $500,000 emergency fund has been used to support over 100 local groups experiencing an increased demand for services during the pandemic.

Kaipātiki Project does important work throughout the Auckland region. The group leads native bush regeneration, grows plants, provides conservation volunteering opportunities and takes part in regional restoration projects.

And it also works closely with local schools on hands-on projects. Whether it’s planting days, pest control or saving rare species, children learn about having a positive environmental impact.

A vital part of Kaipātiki Project’s operations is the community nursery at Engine Bay, Hobsonville Point. Here the group grows over 10,000 native plants a year. These are used for regeneration and restoration projects throughout West Auckland. Engine Bay is also home to a small community orchard.

Furthermore, Kaipātiki Project is a valued partner in the Upper Harbour Ecology Network, Zero Waste 2040 project as well as the North-West Wildlink. From bird and freshwater monitoring through to planting days and much more, Kaipātiki Project contributes to many local environmental initiatives.

A dedicated team of volunteers runs the Engine Bay nursery. This fantastic bunch of locals donate many hours each year to nurturing the community garden and orchard. And they have also set up a community compost hub. The idea is to encourage Hobsonville Point’s residents to recycle food and garden waste, so it doesn’t end up in landfill. The compost is used to improve soil fertility and helps grow plants and food.

However, like many charitable organisations, Kaipātiki Project has been badly hit by Covid-19. The pandemic has dramatically impacted on funding sources, leaving the group facing an uncertain future.

Kaipātiki Project’s Joanne Kyriazopoulos, explains more: ‘Our ability to continue providing services is only possible with the support of funding partners.

‘At this time of funding uncertainty, it’s fantastic to have the help of the Your West Support Fund. It means that we can continue making a difference to the Upper Harbour and West Auckland communities,’ she continues.

‘We are very grateful for the $5,380 from the Fund, which will help to see us through the Covid-19 downturn.’

To find out more about Kaipātiki Project, check out their website at You will also find information on volunteering opportunities at the Hobsonville Point nursery as well as the community compost hub.