The Trusts Visionwest Winter Warmers

Help Bring Warmth to West Auckland Families


Visionwest Community Trust and The Trusts are on a mission to bring warmth to West Auckland’s most vulnerable families this winter. Visionwest’s Winter Warmers campaign is designed to help struggling whānau navigate the financial ‘pain points’ of winter. The initiative sees tailored packages of items like blankets, pyjamas, heaters and socks given to those who need them most. The Trusts are donating $20,000 to support this initiative and you can help too!

Throughout June, you can donate 50c towards the cause by topping up your purchase at our retail stores and hospitality venues to further help this great cause.

Brook Turner head of service development and partnerships at Visionwest Community Trust, says “From a health perspective, winter is the most critical time of need for whānau on a low income – without the capability to stay warm, they are at higher risk of illness such as influenza.

“At the same time, house rents are now at record levels – particularly in centres like Auckland.”

Each of the whānau the Trust supports is assigned a key worker who assesses their individual needs and works with the charity’s procurement expert to purchase essential items on their behalf. Allocating the Trust’s limited resources through a centralised specialist who can negotiate volume purchasing deals, allows the individualised support process to help the maximum number of each whānau across the region.

The Trusts CEO Allan Pollard is proud to support this campaign.

“A primary objective of our organisation is to identify more efficient ways to support the community and ensure these charity models are adequately resourced when they most need it.

“Every week around 300-350 new whānau approach Visionwest for help. They aim to ensure that within six weeks they no longer need food support because they are getting budget advice, and they also provide housing and employment support.

“Visionwest’s personalised approach to supporting whānau means thousands of locals will not just have a more comfortable winter but will be given the individual tools necessary to help them budget more effectively for future expenses.

“We know the need is there and as an organisation we want to help groups like Visionwest scale up over time to provide support for every family that needs it. Sadly, right now they are having to choose to support only the most vulnerable,” he says.”

You can find out more about this fundraising campaign here and don’t forget to top up your purchase by an additional 50c at our retail stores and hospitality venues to further help West Auckland families in need.