Waitakere Licensing Trust Area

Waitakere Licensing Trust covers the following areas of West Auckland: Whenuapai, Hobsonville, West Harbour, Waitakere Township, Massey, Red Hills, Henderson, Ranui, Swanson, Taupaki, Te Atatu Peninsula, Te Atatu Sth, Sunnyvale, Oratia, Waiatarua, Karekare, Piha, Bethells Beach.

If your West Auckland suburb is not listed above, you might live in the area covered by the Portage Licensing Trust.

Elected members

Every three years, as part of the local body elections, the West Auckland community votes for members of the community to represent their views on the licensing trust of the area they live in. The members elected to each Trust are the community’s voice and an essential link between the community ownership of The Trusts and the management of the commercial businesses of The Trusts.

The last election for elected members to Waitakere Licensing Trust took place on Saturday the 12th of October 2019. You can view the results of this election here. Below are the current elected members for Waitakere Licensing Trust. You can view the Waitakere Licensing Trust Code of Conduct here and Standing Orders here.

Linda Cooper (President) - 021 440 281
Andrew Flanagan - 09 810 7023
Mark Allen - 021 378 791
Lynette Adams - 027 220 5513
Penny Hulse - 021 273 4663
Brooke Loader - 022 615 9119
Warren Flaunty - 09 832 5685

Monthly Meetings of Elected Members – 2020

Every month elected members of the Waitakere Licensing Trust meet at Quality Hotel Lincoln Green, 159 Lincoln Road, Henderson to discuss the Trust’s activities. The meeting has two sessions. Members of the public are welcome to attend the first session of each meeting and ask questions or provide feedback to their elected members and The Trusts senior leadership team. We cover a wide range of topics in these open forums. The second session is a closed meeting for the elected members.

The minutes from each meeting are made available after the following month’s meeting and can be found below.  The minutes from earlier meetings can be found here.

Wednesday 29 January

commencing at 5.00pm

Download Minutes

Tuesday 25 February

commencing at 6.00pm

Download Minutes

Tuesday 31 March

The meeting scheduled for 31 March was suspended due to COVID-19.

Wednesday 29 April

commencing at 5.00pm

Download Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 26 May

commencing at 5.00pm

Download Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 30 June

commencing at 5.00pm

Download Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 28 July

commencing at 5.00pm.

Please note the agenda has been updated 27 July 2020.

Download Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 25 August

Annual Meeting of Electors postponed to September due to Covid-19 restrictions

Tuesday 29 September

Annual Meeting of Electors commencing at 5.00pm. An Ordinary Meeting will follow immediately after.

Download Annual Meeting DocumentsDownload Ordinary Meeting Documents

Wednesday 28 October

commencing at 4:30pm

Download Ordinary Meeting Documents

Tuesday 24 November

commencing at 5.00pm