Vikings Cranking Up The Heat In The Kitchen

Bay Roskill Sports Club Upgrades Its Kitchen

The Bay Roskill Sports Club, the Vikings, succeeded in raising a much needed $11,660 in The Trusts Million Dollar Mission to re-equip their kitchens that make and sell food to players and spectators.

Like most clubs, Bay Roskill “runs on the smell of an oily rag”. Even so it has a long history dating back to the period immediately after the World War II and is one of the few rugby league clubs left in Auckland that own their own clubrooms.

The club relies on revenue from hiring out its two halls and from a very busy tuck shop to pay for the everyday outgoings, but despite the club’s determination and a willingness to be as self-reliant as possible, previous equipment had gone beyond its useful life and holding the club back financially. So when the Million Dollar Mission popped up, the club jumped at the opportunity to apply for funding to upgrade kitchen equipment and get back into the business of catering to events and games.

As a result of supporters earning the club $11,660, the club now boasts two working ovens that work, a fridge to replace the one that died at the end of the last league season, an extra pie warmer and a microwave to replace ones that had previously stopped working. This new equipment means more sales in the tuck shop and more revenue. A PA system, also purchased gives the club the capacity to make announcements at games, prize-giving and have regular Junior Club discos.

Having ovens now means that teams can fundraise using the kitchen and sell meals at the club. This will pay for kids’ fees and merchandise along with end of year gatherings. A great way to ensure that the club is supporting their Mission.

The history of the Vikings

This proud club arrived at its present configuration as a result of the progressive amalgamation of a number of rugby league clubs that fired up after World War II. These three small clubs Eden Roskill, Wesley and Mt Roskill amalgamated around 1947 to become known as Mt Roskill Red Devils.

The folding of the Avondale club of the mid-fifties led to the formation of the Blockhouse Bay Cougars and eventually in 1979, to the merger with the Red Devils to form the Bay Roskill Vikings we know today. Today, the club is a Rugby League Club in the winter months and a Tag Club in the summer. It is home for the Bay Roskill Vikings, fielding 6 Mini-Mod teams, 8 Mod teams that include two youth girls’ teams, along with 2 senior male teams that currently play in the Sharman Cup Crown Lift Trucks Premiership, and a ladies team.

Bay Roskill utilised Facebook and emails to their database as the communication tools to get people voting for the club to get their share of the million dollars and the club successfully reached their target of $11,660 in good time.

Million Dollar Mission is just one of the ways that we give back to the community of West Auckland. If you’d like to find out more about applying for funding for your community organisation, check out the Million Dollar Mission website.