Auckland Rescue Helicopter

Two New Rescue Helicopters Taking To The Air

Operating as one of the region’s crucial emergency services, the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust (ARHT) performs an outstanding job all-year round. With over 1000 missions typically completed every year, the ARHT is often the difference between life and death. With such high stakes, it’s essential that the service has the very latest aircraft and technology available.

Thanks in part to the support of Million Dollar Mission, ARHT will soon have two new helicopters taking to the air. Offering world-class facilities, the new choppers mean that more patients can receive lifesaving treatment on board.

Million Dollar Mission funding of $80,070 has made a big contribution to a wider fundraising effort to purchase two new AgustaWestland 169 helicopters. These choppers are a first for New Zealand and as well as being faster than the current ones in use, the new helicopters also have much more room inside. Doctors and paramedics will be able to work around each other more freely and easily than before. The crew will now be able to load patients faster and provide more efficient care from the moment the choppers touch down at the scene of an emergency.

In fact, the new helicopters can operate almost like a full emergency room in the air. With more space and better equipment, doctors on board can perform additional lifesaving procedures usually only seen in the hospital environment. And when every second counts, the faster the crew can attend to the patient, then the better their chances are of making a full recovery.

The ARHT is involved in a variety of rescue scenarios. The majority of missions involve patients suffering a medical condition such as asthma or a heart attack. Around 35 per cent of missions are accident related, usually involving one or more cars. The remaining missions involve inter-hospital transfers or search and rescue duties. Whatever the specific case may be though, with the delivery of these two new aircraft, patients and their loved ones can have peace of mind knowing that ARHT provides a state-of-the-art service.

Thank You West Auckland

“Thanks in part to the Million Dollar Mission,” advises ARHT’s Lincoln Davies, “our first chopper should be operational by December this year.”

“We are very grateful for the West Auckland community’s support,” he continues.

“The early days of the chopper began in 1970 when the west coast beach community needed a reliable lifesaving service. We are thrilled to see their support of the service hasn’t changed. They can rest easy knowing more lives will be saved thanks to their votes,” Lincoln concludes.

There’s no doubt ARHT’s service will be significantly improved with the arrival of these superior choppers, thanks in part to The Trusts giving back through Million Dollar Mission.