Mission Generates Buzz At Titirangi Primary School

Titirangi Primary School is one of our finalists in this year’s Million Dollar Mission. And in a record six days, the school reached its target of $25,000 to carry out much needed repairs to the swimming pool. We went along to the school to find out the secret to their success.

The first thing you notice when you visit Titirangi Primary School is a palpable sense of excitement from parents, teachers and students alike. The Million Dollar Mission has certainly generated a real buzz around the school. As Principal, Julie Lynch, explains, ‘We have been blown away by the response from the school community. The Million Dollar Mission has brought everyone together and we are all so excited by the opportunity.’

There’s no doubting that the 1960s built swimming pool has seen better days. Cold, uninviting and expensive to maintain, the school was struggling to keep the pool open. The school’s limited funds only go so far and although the PTA has been very active in raising extra money, it simply wasn’t enough.

All that is about to change though with the school’s phenomenal success in the Million Dollar Mission.

‘We found the whole process really exciting,’ says Julie.

As one of 48 finalists, Titirangi Primary School went through to the Million Dollar Mission’s public vote. West Aucklanders are able to vote every day online for their favourite community group or cause and each vote is worth $5. Voting closes once the individual project reaches its funding goal or when the $1 million target is reached.

‘We used Facebook and Instagram to get the message out there to the school community. Big boards outside school reminded parents to keep voting every day and we got local businesses on our side with a leaflet campaign.’

Seeing the total go up every day was very motivating and exciting advises Julie.

‘Everyone’s been talking about the changing funding total and the teachers have even used it in maths lessons! What’s more, the year 4, 5 and 6 children all voted every day using their own email addresses, so it’s been great to have their direct involvement.’

The school is now looking forward to using the upgraded pool. Being confident in the water and learning how to swim is vital in West Auckland given the close proximity to the wonderful beaches we have out West.

Furthermore, the school pool is a great way to reinforce those essential messages about the importance of exercise and wellbeing for our children.

‘The Million Dollar Mission is a fantastic initiative,’ says Julie. ‘It’s been an incredible experience for our school and has made a real difference.’