First Aid Kit

Update on Saline Solution Issue

Here is an update on the saline solution in the free first aid kits issued recently by The Trusts.

On Monday March 18 we alerted you to a potential problem with floating particles in the saline solution provided in the kit.    We also asked you to open your kit and remove the two vials of saline solution, even if they look clear. We also asked you not to throw the vial away, just in case our supplier USL, needed to recall the product.

Medsafe NZ and USL have agreed a product recall is the best approach in this situation.  USL have sent the original saline for testing to an independent laboratory.  Test results will take time, but again, it is better to be safe than sorry, so we are supporting the recall and encouraging our customers to follow the recall process.

If you have already received a first aid kit we have your details on the voucher you completed – you will receive a letter from USL shortly and they will include a courier pack and a form to fill out. All you need to do is put the vials in the pack, fill out the form and arrange for the courier pack to be collected. USL is paying the courier costs.

If you have used or thrown away the vials, fill out the form anyway, explain what has happened and send it back in the pack provided. USL needs the forms to be able to send out replacement saline.

At this stage the exact timing around the letter from USL needs to be confirmed.  We have 13,000 or so kits out there so USL is putting together a mailing list from the vouchers you exchanged for your kit. It may take a few days to get this sorted out given the numbers involved.  We will update you here on progress.

For those that haven’t received a kit or a voucher the vouchers are still available, and you are more than welcome to have one, but distribution of the free First Aid Kit is temporarily on hold until USL replaces all the vials of saline solution with new product.

Thank you for helping us get the message out by sharing this post. Thanks also for the positive comments.  We know it means some inconvenience if you have the kit, but we have worked hard with our suppliers to keep this to a minimum.

Once again, we’re sorry this has happened, but we simply cannot take any risks where our local community is concerned and we’re doing our utmost to put this right.

Simon Wickham

Chief Executive