The Trusts First Aid Kit

Saline Solution Recall Update 3rd April 2019

Here is another update on the recall of saline ampoules in your free first aid kit from The Trusts. When we were first alerted to the problem, on March 18 we asked households with kits to remove the saline ampoules and retain them in the event they may need to be recalled. This week, you will receive an email from our suppliers, USL in conjunction with Medsafe, confirming that you can now safely throw the saline away.

USL will be sending out two replacement salines by courier with an acknowledgement form for you to complete and return to them. The courier deliveries will commence next week. The acknowledgement form will confirm to Medsafe that best practice protocols have been followed with the recall.

If you do not have your free first aid kit, the good news is that we still have them available. All of our kits in stock have had their saline solution replacement and distribution will begin again from next week.

You will need a voucher to exchange for your kit. If you do not have your voucher, you can request one here. Just complete the form at the bottom of the page to have a voucher sent out to you by post.

Thank you everyone for your support and patience.