Ranui Primary School Playground

A New Playground For Ranui Primary School 

Million Dollar Mission funding of $78,450 has been used to provide a vibrant and colourful state-of-the art playground for the 360 tamariki at Ranui Primary School.

The school playground had seen better days. It was old, rundown and only really suitable for the younger children. Overcrowding as well as health and safety concerns were becoming an increasing worry for staff and parents.

The Maori philosophy of hauora or health and wellbeing is central to the school and developing happy, healthy, harmonious and high achieving children is what Ranui Primary is all about. The main impetus behind the school’s Million Dollar Mission application, according to Deputy Principal Allisa Holbrow, was the desire to see, ‘Children laughing, sharing and developing physical and interrelational skills in a safe playground environment.’

In fact, Ranui Primary School’s application received the highest number of votes to date for any school participating in the Million Dollar Mission. This was a fantastic achievement for a comparatively small school like Ranui Primary.

“It was very much a community initiative,” advises Allisa. “And it allowed our students, parents, families and our Ranui network to work together to achieve the best possible outcome. We were overwhelmed with the result and we’re so grateful to The Trusts,”
she concludes.

The school harnessed the power of social media to get their supporters to vote for their cause. In addition, the school community worked hard to raise funds themselves with sausage sizzles and a school fair.

Ranui Primary is absolutely delighted with the new playground and the opportunity offered by Million Dollar Mission.

“We had heard about the good things that The Trusts does for the wider community,” reports Allisa. “And for us it was the most efficient way to raise funds that didn’t interfere with our primary focus on teaching and learning.”

A Big Hit With The Children

Certainly if the smiles on the faces of the children at the official opening are anything to go by, then the new playground is indeed a big hit. The tamariki contributed ideas and were consulted on the design. They also chose the colour scheme which is bright, cheerful and very inviting.

“Our new playground is so cool,” said Joe a year 3 pupil. “We love it,” chorused his friends and classmates.

Indeed the big thumbs up and happy smiles on the faces of the children sums up perfectly the response of the whole school community to the Million Dollar Mission initiative.

Do your children go to Ranui Primary School? We’d love to hear what they think of their new playground in the comments below!