New Pool On The Way At Waterview School

Waterview Primary School was devastated when the school pool had to be decommissioned during the construction of the Waterview Tunnel. But now, thanks in part to the Million Dollar Mission, the school is looking forward to having a fully functioning swimming pool on site next year.

The original pool was built back in 1952 by a group of dedicated and resourceful parents. The pool served the school community well for 59 years; however, the constant vibrations caused by the construction of the Waterview Tunnel weakened the pool’s structure and it became a safety hazard. It was with much sadness that the school closed the pool in 2011.

Deputy Principal, Nicola Kerr, reports on the impact the pool closure had on the school:

‘We were really devastated when the pool had to close. We were aware that for many children in our community, this meant they had no easy access to a safe water environment or the opportunity to learn to swim.

‘Many of our families – both adults and children – are not able to swim or are poor swimmers so getting a pool onsite at Waterview School again has been a priority.’

The school applied to this year’s Million Dollar Mission for help in funding a secure seating area with shade cover. Parents and families got right behind the application and together with the support of the wider Waterview community, the school was successful in its bid for $21,955.

Waterview Primary School has faced significant challenges in recent years with the disruption caused by the construction of one of the country’s biggest infrastructure projects. Lots of homes in the diverse community were demolished and the school roll dropped as a result. The local area is now beginning to recover and regenerate.

And the school pool project and the Million Dollar Mission has certainly helped to bring everyone together.

Contract negotiations are still underway but it’s hoped that the new pool will be up and running next year.

‘It’s very important for us that this is a community swimming pool and not just a school pool,’ advises Nicola.

‘In a city like Auckland that’s surrounded by water, everyone needs to be able to learn to swim in a safe environment.

‘A local pool in Waterview will be of benefit not just to the school but also to the wider community. We’re very grateful to the Million Dollar Mission and everyone who voted for us.’