Making Herstory

Making Herstory: Supporting Women in Leadership at The Trusts

Recently The Trusts has completed a gender review and we are very pleased that overall the Trusts is performing favorably against the current NZ gender pay gap. Out of this review, we have recongnised opportunities within the business, specifically around supporting and inspiring our emerging female leaders and talents, help them build confidence and influence and develop skills and tools for their leadership success.

In the past couple of years, we have done a lot of work in the leadership space, namely the Trusted Management Programme (TMP) and the Trusted Leaders Programme (TLP), to develop our own talent from within.

We have since witnessed past participants flourish, become more confident and take on the new challenges in their leadership journey.

Research shows that women remain underrepresented in leadership roles across most industries, and yet diversity is proven to be a key component to unlock innovation and performance, leading to better business outcomes.

At The Trusts, we are firm believers that greater participation of women in leadership roles is the first step to improving diversity and to reap the benefits it provides to the business and our community.

As such, a new initiative called “Making Herstory” is being launched at The Trusts. Making Herstory was an idea from Jenny Mukerji (Hospitality Development Manager at The Trusts) after she attended the 2019 annual “Women in Leadership” conference and a business networking event called “Women in Liquor.” While reflecting on her own leadership journey to date, some of the key messages really resonated with Jenny, hence her desire to establish similar opportunities to support and mentor our emerging female leaders at The Trusts. Jenny got together with Betsy Wang (People & Culture Advisor at The Trusts) and developed the idea further.

The content of the programme was based on feedback that came out of a focus group that Jenny and Betsy put together. Some of the key themes were resilience and wellbeing, balancing career progression and family and communicating with presence and influence.

The programme is a combination of workshops, guest speaker & networking events that take place throughout the year to:

• Raise awareness of the challenges women leaders face in the work place so that the Trusts can better support our emerging women leaders and enhance our female talent pipeline

• Learn tried and tested techniques from women leaders that our emerging women leaders can apply to overcome the unique challenges faced

• Develop greater confidence and a better understanding of women leaders’ unique leadership style and attributes to grow an inclusive and effective work environment

• Build a support network for emerging women leaders to support each other’s leadership journey.

While Making Herstory is targeted at female team members at The Trusts, the series is also open to any male team members who are committed to supporting women leaders in our business.

The first event is taking place this month. A panel of leaders from the community will be discussing their own leadership journeys, what they learnt along the way and how to best support women in leadership. If you are a woman in a leadership role who would like to give back to the community and would be happy to appear as a guest speaker at a Making Herstory event, please contact us.