The Trusts continue to discuss Living Wage

Portage Licensing Trust has agreed in principle to adopt the Living Wage in 2020 and Waitakere Licensing Trust has unanimously agreed to a motion seeking an updated report from the West Auckland Trust Services management team to enable consideration of the Living Wage in 2020.

On Monday 23 September 2019, a motion “That Portage Licensing Trust adopt the living wage in principle, with a view to implementing it in 2020” was moved by Pam Nuttall, seconded by Ross Clow and passed with nine votes for and one vote against.

Ross Clow, Chair of the Portage Licensing Trust, said, “The elected members of the Portage Licensing Trust recognise the great progress that has been made on people and culture at The Trusts in recent years. Our employees enjoy good working conditions, excellent benefits, industry leading training and development, and everyone is paid above the minimum wage. We believe paying the living wage is the next logical step in this journey and that it is the right thing to do to keep improving conditions for our people. In adopting this motion, we are mindful of the competitive nature of our businesses and the Government lifting the minimum wage above $20 next year becomes mandatory for all in our industry which will ensure a more level playing field for all.”

On Tuesday 24 September 2019 a motion “That Waitakere Licensing Trust request an updated Living Wage report from WATS management for consideration in 2020” was moved by Linda Cooper, seconded by Shane Henderson and carried unanimously.

Linda Cooper, President of the Waitakere Licensing Trust, said, “The Trusts are proud to be a great employer with industry-leading training and development opportunities for West Aucklanders to grow their careers close to home. We have noted Portage Licensing Trust’s agreement in principle to adopt the Living Wage, and we will now seek updated information to consider the Living Wage for Waitakere Licensing Trust.”

Combined, both Trusts employ more than 300 people across their West Auckland stores, venues and support office and offer a range of benefits including training and development programmes, long-service leave and life insurance. They were also the first hospitality organisation in the country to be awarded the DVFree Tick, recognising their commitment to staff impacted by domestic violence.

More information on careers at The Trusts is available on our website