Sustainability Takes Centre Stage At Laingholm Kindergarten

Learning about the environment and making sustainable choices is an important part of early childhood education at Laingholm Kindergarten. The kindy is all about inspiring and developing enquiring minds as children learn about the world through play. And now thanks to the $21,355 of Million Dollar Mission funding, pre-schoolers at the kindy will be able to explore what it means to be sustainable and how they can support the environment.

‘The raised funds will be used on multiple projects in Laingholm Kindergarten,’ explains headteacher Janice Dawson.

‘The key projects include installing a green house, water fountain, vertical wall garden and a retractable hose.’

The aim is to give children the opportunity to learn more about the environment and how to make sustainable choices. The projects provide a space where children can freely investigate the natural world and learn about important issues in a fun way.

Supported by the headteacher, three teachers and multiple support staff, sustainability is a key focus for the 59 enrolled children at the kindy. In fact, Laingholm Kindergarten was recently awarded runner-up in the Auckland Community Zero Waste Awards in the ‘Power of the People’ category. The kindy is also an enthusiastic participant in the Enviroschools programme and is particularly proud of its plastic bag free environment.

‘These sustainability projects are for the children and with their direct involvement, they become much more meaningful,’ advises Janice.

‘The children will be encouraged to make choices and decisions with the adults. For example, in the vertical wall garden, the children will help build and plant the flowers and shrubs. Their learning will also be extended through different activities that expand their imaginations so they can relate to the projects in our daily learning experiences.’

Great Support For The Cause

Participation in the Million Dollar Mission really helped to bring the kindergarten community together. Janice says that the families and friends of the kindy along with the wider Laingholm community provided amazing support and enthusiastically voted for the project on a daily basis during the Million Dollar Mission voting period.

‘Without their ongoing commitment to getting our daily targets, we wouldn’t have reached this milestone. We feel humbled for all the support given to us,’ concludes Janice.

The children at Laingholm kindy are certainly eagerly anticipating the new installations. But most of all they are really looking forward to getting their hands dirty and having some fun!

Million Dollar Mission is an intiative we run to help fund West Auckland community groups. Applications for funding can be made at the Million Dollar Mission website.