Destination playground opens at Westgate

West Auckland’s newest and brightest playground has opened at Westgate’s Kopupaka Reserve. And already it’s a big hit, with families travelling far and wide to join in the fun.

There’s something for all ages groups, including dedicated junior and senior areas, a picnic and BBQ space, adult fitness hub and two kick-a-ball areas.

Youngsters are spoilt for choice with three slides plus an exciting flying fox, trampolines, climbing equipment and a sandpit. There’s also a unique water play feature for kids to splash around during the hot summer months. And special looped paths around the playground double up as bike and scooter tracks.

The open reserve means there’s plenty of space for picnicking and for the kids to run around. However, there is a pond nearby, so parents are reminded to keep a close eye on their children.

The colourful playground has been built on a former strawberry field. It incorporates vibrant green mounds and red berry features in a nod to the area’s history. There’s even a custom-designed play tower that represents the strawberry crates that once stood in the grounds.

Kopupaka Playground is centrally located in the Westgate area close to Northwest shopping centre. In recent years, there’s been lots of housing development and an influx of families.

The new playground has quickly become a focal point for the community, bringing families together in a special environment.

One local parent commented: ‘It’s a great park and lots of fun for kids with plenty of play options.’ The look of joy on 4-year-old Jackson’s face said it all. ‘I love it! This is the best playground ever,’ he declared.

And Jackson’s assessment may well be right. Kopupaka Playground was recently awarded the Recreation Aotearoa Playground of the Year at the Green Pavlova NZ Parks Awards.

According to Recreation Aotearoa, the judges were wowed by the design: ‘With its vibrant colour and edible plantings, one judge commented that the playground felt like a real Kiwi backyard!’

However, playgrounds aren’t just about adventure and enjoyment. They also play a vital role in children’s health and wellbeing. Alongside developing coordination, strength and motor skills, they also increase social skills and self-confidence.

The Trusts are proud to have supported new playgrounds being built in West Auckland schools over recent years.

So, if you are looking for fresh and exciting adventures for your kids, then check out Kopupaka Playground. You will find it on the corner of Maki Street and Kokana Road in Westgate.