The Trusts Win Hospitality NZ Excellence Award 

We were delighted to win the award for Training & Staff Development at the recent Hospitality New Zealand Excellence awards in Napier!  

The Trusts purpose is to deliver a thriving social enterprise that makes a difference in West Auckland. Providing these Learning Development opportunities helps us to grow great people which in turn delivers great business performance, meaning we are able to give back more to the West Auckland community.  

The Hospitality New Zealand Excellence Award for Training & Staff Development was a hotly contested national award with a high calibre of finalists. It was humbling to win the award given the quality of the other finalists. 

Learning & Development at The Trusts 

We are proud to provide Learning & Development opportunities for all of our team members to help them grow their careers.    

Learning & Development starts from a new team members first week and continues for the entire time they are working with us. The induction framework includes custom developed eLearning programmes for foundational knowledge; off-job training for key behaviours, and on-job (workbook based) training. Serving and Selling Alcohol Responsibly, Health, Safety and Wellbeing & Food Safety Principles are all part of our team members learning to ensure we are compliant with legislation. We recognise that to deliver a great customer experience and turn them into fans, our team need to have an excellent understanding of the products they are serving – so product knowledge training is also important in the early stages of a team members learning journey with The Trusts. 

Further into their career journey at The Trusts, team members have the opportunity to attend our leadership development programmes – The Trusted Management Program (TMP) and The Trusted Leaders Programme (TLP).   

TMP identifies and develops tomorrow’s leaders. It is a fundamental entry point into our leadership pipeline. Aimed at retaining and developing high potential and high performing ‘people leaders.’ TLP sees participants gain confidence in our operations strategy and their role in bringing this to life. 

Both TMP and TLP focus on helping team members to better lead themselves, their teams and the business. These courses involve a mixture of classroom-based content, project work, mentoring and business aligned project work.  

You can find more information about working at The Trusts here or you can contact us here.