Hobsonville Point Primary

Kids Pumped About Hobsonville Point’s New Bike Track

At the Hobsonville Point development, there’s still plenty of construction happening with new homes in the pipeline. Although carefully planned with lots of open space and walkways, Hobsonville Point is still very much a building site. And for local kids keen to get out and about on their bikes, that was a problem.

A group of enterprising children approached Hobsonville Point Primary School’s Principal, Daniel Birch. They voiced their concerns about the need for a bike track where they could safely practise their cycling skills.

‘The children come up with all sorts of ideas, but this one really struck a chord with me,’ explains Daniel.

‘While the community already has lots of walkways, many pass through the construction areas. And so, for our young people on bikes and scooters, the tracks can be dangerous and hazardous.’

The children’s solution was an all-weather bike track around the school’s playing fields. Daniel enlisted the help and support of the local community. And he also contacted Bike On New Zealand Charitable Trust. Aimed at promoting the joys and benefits of cycling, Bike On has a special funding initiative – Bike In Schools. Hobsonville Point Primary successfully applied for some funding but was still short of the total required.

However, thanks to this year’s Million Dollar Mission and $23,015 of funding, the 300m track is now open for business!

Great Support For School’s Mission!

‘We were humbled by the wonderful support of our parents and community who voted for us. It was a real joint effort which made the Million Dollar Mission application a success,’ explains Daniel.

‘I’m also very grateful to the efforts of our office administrator, Yodette Teau, who managed all the funding applications. She’s been amazing.

‘The extra funding means that we have been able to complete the bike track which is already very popular.

‘And the 750 children we have on our school roll, let alone the wider Hobsonville Point community will benefit enormously from the safe, hazard-free track,’ reports Daniel.

Suitable for scooters as well as bikes, the track is all-weather which will be important in the wetter winter months. It also fits in well with the school’s aim of encouraging active lifestyles and healthy living for children and their families.

The Trusts is always pleased to work in partnership with other funding providers to get important community projects like this one over the line.

In fact, this is just one of 57 community groups and organisations to receive funding in the latest Million Dollar Mission alone.