New Van For Henderson Intermediate  

For Henderson Intermediate School, enabling students to flourish and grow across all areas is just as important as academic achievement. The school is proud of the broad programme of extra-curricular activities that is available to enrich students and develop their sporting abilities and talents.  Henderson Intermediate is a regular participant at inter-schools sports events. From rugby and netball through to athletics, softball and soccer, the school competes against other West Auckland schools as well as further afield in the wider region. However, with only one van, the school has been struggling to provide the full programme that it wants to. That’s all about to change thanks to Henderson Intermediate’s success in the latest Million Dollar MissionFunding of $45,000 has been used by the school to buy a new second-hand van which means that more children will be able to participate in even more events.  

Wendy Esera, Principal at Henderson Intermediate School, explains what a difference the new van will make to the school. ‘We already have one van that we use to transport students to sports events and extra-curricular activities, but with just 10 seats, we’ve only been able to cater for small groups.’ 

This means we’ve had to rely on sharing buses and coaches with neighbouring schools, but this comes at a cost which often the families in our school community simply can’t afford.’ 

A good example is AIMS – the annual intermediate schools sports tournament which is held in Tauranga. A national tournament, AIMS takes place over five days and is a prestigious event. Henderson Intermediate believes in having as many children as possible representing the school, keeping fit, having fun in their chosen sport as well as developing their skills in team work. However, Wendy estimates that the transport costs alone to send local students to the AIMS tournament are as much as $80-100 per child. Many families just can’t afford it, which means that some students face the possibility of missing out.  

New Van Making A Difference

With a new school van on board, however, those transport costs disappear so more children and families can take advantage of the great opportunities that are on offer.  

‘The whole school community is really thrilled with the new van,’ advises Wendy. ‘Everyone got behind the application and it was actually a lot of fun.’ 

Many more of our school families will now be able to take part in external activities and that’s thanks to the Million Dollar Mission. We’re really grateful and it’s already making a big difference.’ 

Henderson Intermediate School is just one of 48 local organisations and charities to benefit from this year’s Million Dollar Mission. With a wide variety of projects both big and small, The Trusts is proud to be giving back to West Auckland.