Family Action Puts The Smile On Children’s Faces

The Million Dollar Mission is all about providing support to community groups and charities wherever it’s needed and regardless of how big or small that need might be. Family Action is one of the organisations we have been able to help through the Million Dollar Mission. Here’s their story.

Family Action is a charitable organisation that provides much needed services to people
experiencing abuse as well as family and sexual violence. One of the services they offer is a refuge for women suffering family violence. The refuge provides a place of safety
for women and their children at a time when they need it the most.

Life in a refuge can be a confusing and upsetting time for the children involved. They are away from the familiar surroundings of their own home, in a strange and unsettling environment. Adapting to change is difficult for the best of us, but for youngsters it’s even more traumatic. One way that children can let off steam and simply just be children is through play.

Family Action identified a need for an outdoor playhouse for the pre-schoolers staying in the refuge and applied to the Million Dollar Mission for help. “As a charity we rely on grants to supplement the government’s funding which only contributes to our services,” notes Michelle Clayton, Chief Executive Officer of Family Action.

“Having support from the Million Dollar Mission means we can allocate resources to our clients that we may not have had before,” she continues.

Million Dollar Mission funding of $3,130 has been used to buy an outdoor playhouse aimed at the under 5 age group. The playhouse has helped the children to feel welcome and to make friends with other families staying at the refuge. It encourages the youngsters to use their imagination and simply have fun.

“The children were absolutely delighted to see it and couldn’t wait to get inside,” says Michelle.

“The playhouse is really well used already. The children love it. At one point we had four little ones in it at the same time. They were all so excited.” Family Action has about 30 families per year who use the refuge and residents stay for anywhere between one night and three months. Being able to play in a nice outdoor environment makes all the difference for these vulnerable children who have been through very difficult and traumatic experiences at a tender age.

“The kids have already made the most of the playhouse and we’re looking forward to more outdoor activities with the summer coming up,” advises Michelle.

“Thank you to our supporters, The Trusts and everyone who voted for Family Action,” Michelle continues.

“We see our service as a community resource, we’re very much part of the West Auckland community. And it’s wonderful to receive as well as give support.”

If you would like more information on the great work that Family Action does, check out their website .

The Trusts are giving back another million dollars to West Auckland community organisations. Applications for funding for the 2019 Million Dollar Mission are open until the 15th of November. Apply for funding for your community organisation today.