Fair Food: Feeding People, Not Landfill

Fair Food

The West Auckland-based food rescue charity, Fair Food, is making a massive difference to local communities. As well as reducing waste and the amount going to landfill, Fair Food is also helping disadvantaged local families to put food on the table. A recipient of $33,335 of Million Dollar Mission funding, Fair Food is looking to expand operations with a secure, permanent distribution centre. We went to find out more about the fantastic things that Fair Food is doing.

First established in 2012, Fair Food is proud to be a grass roots, West Auckland organisation.

‘We understand local needs,’ advises Fair Food’s Ian Myhill, ‘and we work in partnership with an extensive network of local community organisations and groups.’

The Fair Food business model is a simple but very effective one. The charity collects from supermarkets and food manufacturers surplus, good to eat food that is either on or nearing its sell-by date. Using the wide-ranging network of 50 community groups, the food is then distributed to West Aucklanders that may be struggling to provide for their families.

It’s a win-win situation. Not only is perfectly good food being redistributed to those who need it most, it also means there’s less waste going into landfills which has to be good for the environment.

The statistics are certainly an eye opener. According to Ian Myhill, since its establishment, Fair Food has saved and redistributed an incredible 486,000 kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables and has delivered 1,458,495 meals to hungry West Aucklanders.

Impressive though these statistics are, it’s the impact that the charity has on the 500 individual families helped each week that is perhaps most significant. One grateful family makes it clear just what a difference Fair Food makes:

Thanks so much for the food parcels and the beautiful fresh fruit and veges. It helps provide nutrition to our table, when on some occasions we find it hard to makes ends meet. Thank you for helping with this service you provide to our community.

A kick start through Million Dollar Mission

The Million Dollar Mission is proud to support the work of Fair Food. The funding is being used to help set up a new distribution centre which will see the organisation operating more efficiently and effectively. As a result Fair Food will be able to distribute larger amounts of food, including even more fresh fruit and vegetables, and will have a bigger impact on those struggling to scrape by on limited resources.

‘The Million Dollar Mission has given our new distribution centre a very important kick start,’ advises Ian.

‘It shows confidence in our business model so that we’ve been able to leverage in other funders. It will provide a focus for our volunteer programme that is due to be launched next year and gives us the space to sort and recycle more plastics and cardboard as well as food waste.’

‘We’re very grateful to the Million Dollar Mission and so are the West Auckland communities that we are helping to serve.’