Equipment Boost for Bay Olympic Soccer Club

The winter soccer season may have come to a close, but for Bay Olympic Soccer Club there’s no such thing as an off-season. In fact, a full schedule of summer football is about to kick off in November. Situated in the heart of West Auckland at New Lynn, Bay Olympic is one of the largest local soccer clubs and boasts a membership of some 3,000 senior and junior players.  

A recipient of $13,455 funding from The Trusts’ Million Dollar Mission, the money has been used to purchase much needed equipment to support the junior game. As well as two gazebos, the Million Dollar Mission funding has enabled to club to buy four portable goals which have been a regular feature of Saturday game days all season.  

The club’s artificial playing turf requires a particular type of goal as using pegs to pin down the goals can easily ruin the surface.  

‘Without goals, you can’t play football,’ advises Shane Knowles, Bay Olympic’s Director of Football. ‘The new goals are strong, robust and portable so we can quickly and easily move them around as needed,’ he continues.  

What’s more, the gazebos have had just as big an impact at the club. As well as being used to promote the sport and the club at tournaments and special events, the gazebos provide very welcome shelter from the wind and the rain, especially for Bay Olympic’s youngest members. And anyone who’s been to a soccer tournament in the middle of winter will understand just how important it is to keep youngsters warm and dry as much as possible at these all-day events.  

And with the start of the summer season of football just around the corner, the gazebos will also offer essential protection for players and spectators from the sun’s harmful rays.  

Bay Olympic Soccer Club is committed to keeping its subscriptions as low as possible so that all kids have the opportunity to take part and enjoy playing football.  

‘Without the support of the Million Dollar Mission we would have had to make do with outdated equipment that was no longer fit for purpose,’ advises Shane.  

‘Or we would have had to consider making savings elsewhere which would impact on what we could offer as part of our wider programme of football.’ 

Indeed it can sometimes be hard for community groups and clubs with relatively low-key, simple projects to get funding. Not so with The Trusts Million Dollar Mission which includes a broad range of projects both big and small.  

‘The Million Dollar Mission funding has made a big difference to our club and we’re very grateful,’ Shane concludes.  

If you are interested in finding out more about Bay Olympic Soccer Club and the summer football programme, then get in touch on 826 3041 or check out the website.