Licensing Trust Election Results

Results are in and we’d like to thank all 34 candidates who put themselves forward for election this year, along with the tens of thousands of West Aucklanders who took the time to cast their votes.

Full details of the election results can be found at The results are provisional until all votes are counted and confirmed by the Returning Officer.

Welcome to our new Elected Members and to those returning for another term.

We’d also like to acknowledge those Elected Members who are leaving us and wish them all the best in their continued contributions to the West Auckland community.

What Do The Licensing Trusts Do?

The Portage and Waitakere Licensing Trusts were established in 1972 by a community vote. They have responsibility for managing the retail sale of alcohol and hospitality venues that operate with a tavern licence within their respective boundaries.

Because the Trusts are community-owned, profits from their businesses are given back to the community, through grants, sponsorships, community events and household distributions such as first aid kits, tool kits or smoke alarms. In 2018 those donations totalled nearly $2.5 million and included things like the Specialist Care Baby Unit upgrade at Waitakere Hospital, a free first aid kit for all households, and the ‘Million Dollar Mission’ which has helped over 40 different community groups.

Each Trust is governed by a group of Elected Members from the local area who are voted in every three years. There are a certain number required to come from each group of suburbs (called a ‘ward’) to ensure that all voices are heard from across our community.

What Do You Have To Do As An Elected Member?

Being an Elected Member is not a full-time position, and many members fit their Trust commitments alongside day jobs and juggling busy families.  If elected, your responsibilities would include:

  1. Attending two different monthly meetings of the Trust that you represent (currently both held on the same night).
    • The first meeting is to make recommendations to a separate organisation called The Trusts Community Foundation Ltd (TTCF) on where gaming proceeds should be distributed, with the final decision made by TTCF.
    • The second meeting discusses the business of the Trust, their retail stores, hospitality operations and investments. Typically, there is an ‘Open’ session which public are encouraged to attend, followed by a ‘Closed’ session where commercially sensitive material is discussed with Elected Members.
  2. Attending two meetings per year of The Trusts’ shared services company (West Auckland Trust Services Ltd).

Two or three times a year Elected Members may be asked to attend a joint workshop with members of the board and senior management of West Auckland Trust Services Ltd to encourage a broader discussion around topics such as future strategy.

Elected Members get invited to attend a number of community events across the area and while these are not compulsory, they are encouraged as one of many ways for Elected Members to keep in touch with the community.

Throughout the year there are also opportunities to meet with organisations who receive funding from giving back, such as recipients of the Million Dollar Mission and sponsorships.

How Much Are Elected Members Paid?

Being an Elected Member isn’t intended to be a full-time job.  Members are paid a meeting fee of $280 per meeting, which is set is set in line with government guidelines.  The Presidents of each Trust are paid a $30,000 total honorarium each year to reflect the additional work they do.  Each Trust elects their President at the first meeting following the election.

Key Facts About Being An Elected Member

  1. Your Elected Members come from all walks of life. The nine women and eight men currently elected come from a range of ages, backgrounds and cross-sections of the community, just like West Aucklanders.  Some are in their first term as Elected Members.
  2. The Trusts’ meetings are normally outside of standard working hours, making it easier for people with day jobs or juggling busy families to get involved.
  3. The Trusts and your Elected Members don’t issue or control liquor licences – that’s Auckland Council’s job. Becoming an Elected Member means you are part of ensuring your Trust’s operations continues to deliver what the community wants.