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Crescendo provides vital creative outlet for young Westies

Social enterprise Crescendo has provided an essential creative outlet for young West Aucklanders during Covid.

Using music, radio and performance, the organisation provides mentoring programmes for talented youth. The aim is to help them learn new skills, make industry connections and ultimately earn a living from their talents.

Like many community organisations, Crescendo relies on the support of funding providers. And with funders facing their own challenges as a result of Covid, the future was looking bleak for Crescendo.

However, the need among young people has been greater than ever.

‘Covid-19 and lockdown have affected everyone’s mental wellbeing, and young people have been impacted the most,’ explains Crescendo’s Marcus Powell.

‘Our work is much needed during these uncertain times. It has helped to give our rangatahi a vital sense of connection, direction and focus.’

A grant of $5,380 from the Your West Support Fund has made all the difference. Crescendo has used the funding to support its radio station. Operating 24/7, Crescendo Radio is created for and run by youth. Young people host shows, play their favourite music and talk about issues and pastimes that are important to them.

Crescendo Radio took on a whole new meaning during Covid. When the country went into lockdown, Crescendo’s mentors quickly moved from in-person to online platforms. The radio station played an important part in maintaining connections with rangatahi and allowed them to continue learning and growing.

Although Covid has seriously affected Crescendo’s funding, the Your West Support Fund has provided valuable breathing space.

‘We have developed new ways of working to ensure we are sustainable. Thanks to the funding, we can continue meeting the needs of the 250 rangatahi who use our services every year,’ says Marcus.

In fact, the organisation has recently opened a specially adapted youth hub and recording studio in Avondale. The hub has recording rooms, vocal booths, band rehearsal space as well as the radio station.

‘It’s a place where everyone is welcome and supported. And it provides more opportunities for young people to earn an income and work under the guidance of our mentors,’ explains Marcus.

Crescendo is just one of over 100 community groups to benefit from the Your West Support Fund. The $500,000 emergency fund has helped organisations to maintain services to West Aucklanders affected by Covid.

‘We are so grateful to The Trusts for reaching out at this time and supporting Crescendo,’ says Marcus.

‘We see the positive impact this has had on our rangatahi, their families, peers and the local community,’ he concludes.

Check out the full list of Your West Support Fund recipients here. And for more information on Crescendo visit their website. You can listen to Crescendo Radio on 87.8fm and iHeartRadio.