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Community Responses To Covid-19

Unprecedented and extraordinary are words that are regularly used when talking about Covid-19. The worldwide pandemic is indeed an exceptional event and has had a dramatic impact on how we live, work and travel. That’s why it’s essential to take a step back and reflect on how we have responded as a community.

With the help of the Your West Support Fund, Community Waitakere Charitable Trust will research into the impact of Covid in West Auckland.

The charitable trust has been active in our local communities for over 30 years. The organisation aims to provide neighbourhood and environmental-based programmes, training and information to the community sector.

‘We work with communities to grow their capability and ensure residents and local groups are well informed and involved in decision making,’ says the charity’s Maj De Poorter.

Community Waitakere is, therefore, perfectly placed to lead the research and document how West Auckland has responded to Covid.

A recipient of $5,380 from the Fund, the charity will use the money to collect and tell the stories of community groups who have been doing critical work in the fight against coronavirus. It’s hoped the stories will provide inspiration and spark new ideas as they are shared throughout the region and around the country.

Possible innovative examples include the emergency food distribution response out West. Several organisations, including The Fono and VisionWest, have been doing fantastic work on this front.

Another possibility is the West Auckland Together initiative. The online platform is packed full of information, resources and tips designed specifically for families in West Auckland.

Community Waitakere will also gather data on the pandemic’s social and economic impact out West. Often data is collected at a regional and national level. And so it doesn’t always give a full picture of what’s happening locally.

The charity’s work in this area will help to redress the balance. Collecting statistics and information at the West Auckland level will assist with the planning of services locally. And it will help to ensure the West gets its fair share of resources.

Community Waitakere is one of over 100 charitable groups to benefit from the Your West Support Fund. A full list of recipients is available here.

‘We are grateful to The Trusts for their support. And we are looking forward to sharing the stories of how West Aucklanders have coped with the crisis,’ says De Poorter.

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