New Playground For Chaucer School

Blockhouse Bay’s Chaucer Primary School will shortly be enjoying a brand new playground thanks in part to the Million Dollar Mission.

It’s been a long road for the Board of Trustees as parent representative, Frian Wadia explains:

‘Our old playground was decommissioned in 2016 following health and safety concerns. For a whole year the school community was without any play space at all. The Board of Trustees applied to many charitable organisations and funders and bit by bit we have been slowly building up a new playground.

‘The $36,465 we have received from the Million Dollar Mission means that we can finally get the playground project completed,’ advises Frian.

Chaucer School has around 240 students enrolled but is also home to two satellite units for Oaklynn School for children with special needs. For Frian and the other Board of Trustee members, it was vital that the new playground catered for a wide range of ages as well as the diverse needs of all students within both schools and the wider community.

The playground is in fact also open to the local community outside of school hours. After-school care clubs, early childhood centres as well as neighbouring families regularly use the playground and the school’s facilities.

Staff members and families at both schools are delighted with the final design which ensures the needs of all users are catered for. The new playground will include a quiet space, sensory play areas and a range of equipment that enables children with access and disability issues to join in, while also working for the most able-bodied children as well.

‘The whole school community really got behind our Million Dollar Mission application,’ reports Frian.

‘We all worked together and made sure that everyone kept voting including the students! It’s been a fantastic way to develop a positive spirit in the school. More importantly, it means that all students can have fun and enjoy the playground and all it has to offer.’

The new playground is due to be completed in October and the school community is looking forward to having a brand new facility to enjoy after such a long wait.

‘We’re really grateful to the Million Dollar Mission for helping to make it all happen,’ concludes Frian.

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