Waitakere Hindi Language & Cultural School

Celebrations At Waitakere Hindi School!

There’s much to celebrate at Waitakere Hindi Language and Cultural School. Not only has the school enjoyed success in this year’s Million Dollar Mission, the experience has also brought the whole school community together in a way that hadn’t been anticipated.

Operating on Sundays out of St Dominic’s College, Henderson, the school currently has 92 registered students and nine fully qualified teachers.  Waitakere Hindi School’s mission is keep alive Hindi culture through language, dance and music classes. With students attending from all over Auckland, including Orewa, Karaka and everywhere in between, it’s clear that Waitakere Hindi School is meeting a vital need in the community.

In just 12 days of public voting in the Million Dollar Mission, Waitakere Hindi School secured enough votes to achieve their $15,000 funding target. The money will be used to upgrade office equipment and provide musical instruments for disadvantaged kids so that they can participate fully in the school’s cultural programme.

School President, Saten Sharma, is looking forward to the brand new photocopier the funding has made possible.

‘We have been making do with a second-hand photocopier, but now we can buy a new one that is fit for purpose. We can easily print off learning materials without the machine breaking down or having to pay for external printing.’

‘Having traditional musical instruments available means that more children can take part in our cultural programmes. This is especially important for those families who can’t afford to buy their own instruments,’ advises Saten.

Bringing the community together

Perhaps the biggest difference participation in the Million Dollar Mission has brought the school is the sense of connection and common purpose.

‘The whole school community got behind our application,’ says Saten. ‘We encouraged parents and students to vote through daily text reminders and everyone was talking about our progress. The community newspaper Indian Weekender even featured our project which really helped to get the message out.’

‘It was very exciting to see the total increasing every day and it was a fun way to get the community together.’

Board members and a number of parents volunteer their time at Waitakere Hindi School, which as a not-for-profit organisation has limited funds.

‘The Million Dollar Mission has been fantastic for our school. It’s really brought us all together and we’re grateful for the opportunity,’ concludes Saten.

Waitakere Hindi Language & Cultural School’s project is one of over 100 that have received a share of $3m of Million Dollar Mission funding over the last 3 years. If you know a community organisation that needs funding for a West Auckland project, sign up to our mailing list or like our Facebook page for information on key dates, tips for creating a great application and examples of previous successful projects.