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Making A Difference At CareRanui 

Ranui Baptist Community Care has been making a difference to the local community for more than 20 years. The charitable trust delivers a range of services including a food bank, emergency housing and budgeting advice as well as an op shop. Based at the Ranui Baptist Community Facility, the Trust also provides clubs for seniors and playgroups for children and their families. In fact, all members of the community are welcome at CareRanui.  

There’s no doubt the organisation is doing important work. The Trust’s Karen Davis explains: ‘Our community services and programmes provide support towards self-sufficiency, a place to overcome isolation and loneliness and promote a sense of community.’ 

There’s certainly plenty going on at CareRanui. Around 1750 individuals come through the doors each year to use the services and take part in the programmes on offer. 

And now thanks to funding from the Million Dollar Mission, those locals can enjoy new and improved facilities. Ranui Baptist Community Care successfully applied for $23,250 to buy heat pumps and more comfortable seating for CareRanui’s facility. 

‘We purchased 120 sturdy, comfy chairs to replace the 11-year-old ones that kept breaking on us,’ says Karen. ‘We also bought three large heat pumps for the hall, whermany of our weekly activities are held.’ 

The heat pumps provide effective temperature control for those that use the building – from babies to seniors. According to Karen, the hall suffered from temperature extremes in both winter and summer. 

What’s more, installing the heat pumps has made it easier to maintain an operating temperature for the foodbank. As a result, the Trust can limit the spoilage of fruit, vegetables and baked goods. 

According to Karen, without the support of the Million Dollar Mission, it’s unlikely the project would have gone ahead. 

Participation in the process has also brought about other benefits for Ranui Baptist Community Care. 

‘It’s had a real team-building effect,’ says Karen. ‘No one person got us to our total. It took a team of voters reminding and encouraging each other every day. We drew on a consistent voting crowd of between 200 and 340 daily voters which was a fantastic achievement.’ 

The new comfy chairs and heat pumps have definitely got the thumbs up from CareRanui’s many users. ‘We are very grateful to the Million Dollar Mission and everyone who voted for us,’ says Karen. 

For more information about Ranui Baptist Community Care go to the website phone 09 833 7815.