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Wonderful New Winter Menus – The Marina


The Marina’s new winter menu is inspired by favourite recipes from our restaurant over the past 4 years. We are bringing back the classic dishes that have been very popular and introducing subtle refinements to ensure they remain signature dishes at The Marina. With the entrees we are using a tapas concept that works very well for a casual, rustic dining experience that can be shared on the table. Larger tables of 4-8 people are able to design their own platter. Prices range from $8 – $12 per dish. Another feature of The Marina is the chef’s daily creation encompassing appetiser, soup, market fish and dessert. This has been a real hit and a daily creative challenge which the chef enjoys immensely. We do a lot of slow cooking during the colder months with different cuts of meat like beef ox cheeks, pork cheeks, lamb shoulder, pork belly, plus lentils, cabbage and other vegetables to draw out the full flavour of each meal. The chef’s favourite is our Stuffed Pork Belly, stuffed with fennel, with pork cheek croquettes. This just can’t be rushed! Both pork belly and cheeks are braised for 5 hours in our own master stock and cooled over night. The pork belly is then reheated with our master stock caramelising the pork while seared in the pan. Meanwhile, the pork cheeks are cut into finger lengths then crumbed with panko (Japanese bread crumbs). This exquisite dish is served with parsnip puree, apple gratin and homemade tamarillo chutney.