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Wonderful New Winter Menus – Bricklane


Bricklane planned its winter menu with comfort food in mind, to complement our warm, welcoming decor that holds winter at a distance. We gave in to public demand for our famous lamb shanks (Bricklane’s Famous Lamb Shanks braised in a rosemary & red wine sauce on creamy potato mash) and we are complementing that option with a new slow braised beef short rib that will be packed with flavour and very tender as something new for our customers. From the Mediterranean – which can also be cold in winter – we have brought Chicken and Apricot Tagine with ras el hanout, Greek yoghurt, almonds & couscous. One thing that you can guarantee at Bricklane is originality. We search cook books, magazines and the internet for ideas that we know will be a success and then we add our own twist to make it a unique Bricklane dish.