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What will you fix with your free toolkit from The Trusts?


It’s “Giving Back” time again at The Trusts.

Well, it’s always “Giving Back” time because we distribute around a million dollars each year in sponsorships, donations and gifts, plus all the good things we give back in other ways, but in this case it’s time for another gift to every household in West Auckland.

On the last occasion it was life saving fire alarms and now it’s a handy 24 piece mini toolkit in its own convenient case.

Why? It’s obvious really. We asked around whether most people could find the tool they needed when they needed it. The overwhelming answer was, “No”.

We also asked, if people do have tools, do they have them in a handy case that can be slipped in a kitchen or desk drawer, in the glove box, tossed into the caravan, kept beside the cat flap in case of inquisitive boxer dogs, or at a pinch slipped into a pocket or handbag?

Once again the answer was “No”.

That was all the evidence we needed. Survey over, we sprang into action and sourced enough handy toolkits in their own convenient carry case, to give one to every house in West Auckland.

It’s not the sort of toolkit that you’ll build a house with (or even a deck for that matter), or turn out a re-conditioned motor for the family car, but it is ideal for the thousand small jobs that crop up almost on a daily basis.

There’s a 17cm long nosed plier, a spanner, a measuring tape, a screwdriver with adaptor/ handle, two clock screwdrivers, one Philips head and one flat-head, four sockets - 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm plus extender bar, bits, an adaptor and three Allen keys.

Allen keys? You know. Those small, L shaped, hexagonal bars with one end that fits inside the matching head of bolts and nuts. With the short end inside the nut, you pull on the long end and it unscrews the nut or bolt. These are very handy because Allen nuts and bolts are used in a lot of places around the home, often in furniture. A lot of furniture gets a bit loose and floppy with use. To fix that, what you have to do is find the right Allen key and do up the nuts and bolts
holding the furniture together and hey presto, the furniture is as good as new again. Now, thanks to The Trusts you will have some Allen keys that are easy to find again!

What do you have to do?
On either the 2nd and 3rd of May we’ll send you a voucher in the mail to your letterbox.
To redeem this voucher and get your FREE toolkit:
• watch out for the voucher in your mailbox over the week from 2 May 2016.
• if the voucher isn’t immediately obvious, make sure you sort through any other mail in the box in case the voucher has got caught up in that.
• when you have got the voucher, grab a household bill, or something else addressed to you to prove you live in The Trusts area.
• then bring your voucher and proof of address to any West Liquor or Village Wines & Spirits store.

That’s it! Just bring the voucher the household bill, show them to one of our staff and they’ll give you the toolkit. You don’t have to buy anything from the store. If you don’t want to go to a liquor store you may come to The Trusts Support Office, 3044 Great North Road, New Lynn.

If your voucher doesn’t arrive by 11 May, please go to where you can enter your name and address details so we can post you another voucher. The voucher is valid until 31 July 2016 or while stocks of the toolkit last so please do come in as soon as you can. For more information, please go to