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Who paid for your free smoke alarms?


That’s one of the great benefits of having community-owned liquor trusts in control of selling alcoholic products in West Auckland. You, the community, own us and we take a portion of our profit and return it to the community as gifts, big and small.

The big ones are like this one, where we offer two life saving devices to every household in West Auckland. We also sponsor major sports teams like the Northern Mystics and Waitakere United, organisations like the Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation, The Trusts Arena and the most prestigious arts events in New Zealand, The Trusts Portage Ceramics Awards and The Trusts Waitakere Arts and Sculpture Awards. In total, every year, we give more than 200 sponsorships and gifts ranging in value from a few hundred dollars to support things like school and club newsletters to tens of thousands.

All of that comes from the profits of the liquor business that you own and we run for you. It doesn’t include the huge funding that comes from TTCF which is a separate organisation, but all the same it raises millions in our venues and returns them to the community also. Nor does it include the other ways in which your community-owned liquor business “Give Back”. For example, people think we create many jobs locally. We may be one of the biggest employers in the west but we don’t create jobs. We create careers. Take a position with us and you have the opportunity to build a career and to be trained to be among the best in the retail and hospitality businesses, with skills that will be acknowledged around the world. We don’t have a liquor store on every corner and in every dairy. We have a responsible spread of 23 conveniently located liquor stores for a community of 250,000. And they’re well presented. They’re mostly as-new with a bright attractive modern fitout to make our customers, especially women, feel welcome and safe.

And there is more to come as we plan to give our hospitality businesses the kind of makeover the retail stores have had, creating modern bars and restaurants that are the equal of any on Ponsonby Road or Parnell.

Simon Wickham

Chief Executive