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West Liquor Westgate development


As part of our commitment to provide excellent service to the public, we’re delighted to start the development of a new West Liquor store in Westgate.

As we have said often, the community are our owners and while you expect to see liquor stores kept to a minimum, you do want convenience, choice, good prices and a pleasant shopping environment. The West Liquor brand of store that sets a new standard in New Zealand liquor retailing meets those demands and has achieved massive public approval.

Conscious of the need to know what West Aucklanders want we consult regularly with the public. In this case, we conducted a public opinion poll about our plans to establish a West Liquor store at Westgate. The proposal received a very pleasing 80 percent approval and, of the remaining 20 people, seven didn’t have a firm opinion either way.

The approval levels were strong and supportive as shown by the opinions people expressed, such as:

In terms of location people said:

“Good to have at Westgate.”
“Very handy next to the supermarket.”
“Would work well.”
“Great convenient location.”
“It’s what people want.”

In terms of the presentation of the West Liquor concept:

“I like the logo and colours.”
“I like the fern and flax.”
“Nice design, looks good.”
“Brighter, colourful, more ‘West’”

In terms of the name:

“I like ‘West’ for community store feeling.”
“I like the ‘West’ association.”
“West Liquor sells the product.”
“Go West!”

In terms of products and services:

“Range is important.”
“Deals are important.”
“Service must be good.”
“I like personal service.”
“Personal service and advice is important.”

General approval:

“Just get it done!” and the one we love but can only hope to live up to, “Perfect.”

Having such strong support for a West Liquor store, shows we continue to enjoy public approval that last year reached a massive 92 percent of the West Auckland public approving of the West Liquor concepts. It shows beyond doubt that the effort we put into consulting West Aucklanders about the kinds of store and service they would be proud of, was time very well spent.

We can assure customers who said that choice, price and customer service are important to them, that they’re important to us, too. We understand that to keep our customers we have to provide a wide range of choice that is seen as value for money.

We also know that taken overall, our prices are as good or better than those of any fair trading competitor (we won’t be irresponsible and sell liquor “on the cheap”).

Meanwhile all our staff are already trained to an internationally acknowledged level, in customer service and product knowledge and even more training and personal development is now available, all of which translates into quality customer experiences.

The West Liquor brand will bring all those qualities that have met such overwhelming approval elsewhere to Westgate and we believe will be an asset to this town centre. The appearance of this store is bright, attractive and very distinctively West Auckland (classy without being precious). The brightly lit interiors have a very pleasing layout, and feel safe and welcoming.

As with all our stores, in the interests of community comfort and responsibility, we won’t serve minors, people who are intoxicated, party pills or legal highs or RTDs with an alcohol level higher than 7%. The new store is due to open its doors in May.