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West Auckland is $8 million better off from TTCF Grants


TTCF LogoMore than 430 West Auckland organisations benefited by more than $8 million between them from donations made by TTCF during the 2013/14 financial year. This was all money TTCF raised in West Auckland premises owned by The Trusts, and returned to West Auckland.

Click here to see the full list of grants given out by TTCF.

The biggest single beneficiary was the Lopdell House Development Trust which received $1.425 million from money raised in The Trust area. A number of schools and other educational institutions also received grants of over $100,000 with Rutherford College in The Trust’s area, getting $198,000.

Other beneficiaries receiving more than $100,000 in The Trust’s area were: Northwest Community Services Trust $250,000; West Auckland Hospice $200,000; the Plunket Car Seat scheme $184,000 and the Croatian Cultural Society and the Waitakere City Stadium Trust which owns The Trusts Arena received $100,000 each.

Avondale College received $104,000 and the Avondale College Early Childhood Education Centre $114,734; Kelston Boys High received $107,000, the Lopdell House Society was given $105,000 and Ecomatters Trust $133,000.

The Auckland Philharmonia was granted a total across both areas, of $134,790, Waitakere Auckland City Brass $63,000 and Waitakere West Auckland Basketball $64,000.

Many other organisations received grants of $10,000 and more, and more still benefitted from smaller grants of up to $10,000.

There were a total of 134 grants made to different organisations in the Portage area and 304 in the Waitakere area.

“Very few communities in New Zealand have this opportunity where trustees elected by their community make recommendations to a gaming society about where these funds are best used to benefit West Auckland”, says Simon Wickham, Chief Executive of The Trusts. “This is another tangible benefit of The Trusts in West Auckland.”

“Because we own the premises, we can select the organisation that will operate gaming machines. That enables us to set very high expectations in terms of the integrity of the operations and also in terms of the level of funding that is returned to our community.

“TTCF is our presently preferred operator and it returns close to 99 percent of its profits to the community. In the last year, that meant that 438 sporting, cultural, community and educational institutions including schools, early childhood centres, kindergartens and play centres, shared $8,192,939 between them,” Simon says.

The full list of donations can be seen in Our West online at

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  • Natalie Jones

    Hi just a question?
    Does the Trust support individual athletes from West Auckland? We live in Te Atatu South and my son Lennox Jones has been chosen for the NZ Development Sox Under15/17 Squad and we are looking financial assistance. If they do not do you know where else we might look please.
    Thank you for your help, look forward to hearing from you.
    Natalie Jones

    • Martin Partridge

      Hi Natalie,
      Firstly congratulations to Lennox on making the NZ Development Sox team – you must be so proud. Unfortunately we can’t support individuals and we are currently part way through our Million Dollar Mission which is our major give back initiative this year. We would be happy to support any fundraising event you may hold to help fund raise for Lennox byt way of a product donation. Contact us on for more information.