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Waitakere Central Community Arts Council creative outlet for every West Aucklander


If you’re a creative, artistic or ‘crafty’ West Aucklander, you should check out the Waitakere Central Community Arts Council (WCCAC).

With annual membership costing just $25 for individuals and $30 for families, (thanks to support from The Trusts, Auckland Council and other sponsors), WCCAC is very much an affordable operation run by, and for the community.

Based in The Studio, beside the Corban Homestead at the Corban Estate Arts Centre, WCCAC offers classes, open studio sessions, space for tutors to rent and deliver classes and outings.

New co-ordinator Diane Costello, herself an accomplished photographer, stresses that WCCAC is open to everybody, all ages, men and women, and all levels of artistic ability.

“People come for their own reasons. Some want to be taught, some just want to practice their art or craft in the company of other creative people and not necessarily in the same discipline”, she says.

Members are of all ages and at all stages in their journey into art. Some members are serious about their art from the beginning. Others are keen to establish if they have any artistic ability and a number know they are creative but need to be directed on technique.

The Studio is a fantastic environment for those seeking the company of likeminded artists and the Open Studio sessions are the best environment for these people. They may be as interactive as they wish or if they prefer quietude, that too is an option.

Presently, the programme includes the open studio sessions and tuition in drawing and painting, watercolour painting, untutored Life Drawing and even Chinese painting for beginners. But Diane sees almost unlimited opportunities for expansion.

The open studio sessions are for anybody who wants to practice their art or craft but don’t necessarily want to be taught. One woman, skilled at embroidery, comes to work in the company of other creative people. Throwing pottery isn’t possible at the centre, but one potter comes to develop skills in painting pottery.

Furthermore, if whatever you want isn’t on the programme now, the centre will either add it or, they’ll find ways to assist you in another way, possibly by referring you to other teaching studios, but offering you the opportunity to be part of open studio sessions.

The facilities are also available to tutors who wish to offer courses of their own.