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The Trusts Million Dollar Mission


Whatever Your Community Group Needs, We Could Help Pay For It


The Trusts are giving back one million dollars to community groups and projects all over West Auckland. Whether you need school supplies, clubhouse extensions, or life-saving equipment, we’ve got the funds to help pay for it. If you require funding, just tell us how much you’re after and what you need it for. This post will let you know how Million Dollar Mission works, the eligibility criteria and what documents you will need to apply for funding.

How it works

The Trusts are currently taking applications from community groups throughout West Auckland as part of our mission to give back one million dollars to the community. Applications for funding can be submitted through the Million Dollar Mission website up until the 31st of January 2017. In February, a panel consisting of a selection of Elected Members and independent people appointed by The Trusts, will choose the most deserving organisations to receive funding. We will then present their selections to the community and ask them to vote for where they want the money to go. The more votes an organisation gets the more funding it will receive. In May of next year, we will present each of the successful applicants with a cheque for their funding. For more information on how Million Dollar Mission works, please visit our “how it works” page.


Who is eligible to receive Million Dollar Mission funding?

The Trusts will take applications from not-for-profit groups, incorporated societies, charitable organisations, amateur sports clubs and schools. The funding must be for a future based project/purpose. Retrospective applications will not be funded – for example, deposits and purchases already made or if a project is already complete. Applications must be for purposes or projects that are visible in West Auckland and be of benefit to the West Auckland community.There is also an expectation that grants approved for projects will be expended within six months of receipt. During the six months and at the end of that time we will contact you to check on progress of your planned expenditure. For more information on eligibility please visit the “Am I eligible” page on the Million Dollar Mission website.

What do I need to apply for Million Dollar Mission funding?

We’ve made applying for your funding as easy as possible. But before you get started, make sure you have:

  • Your latest financial statements, preferably audited.
  • A bank statement, or bank encoded deposit slip, or hand written or printed bank details verified by the bank.
  • Your GST number, but only if you’re GST registered.

You’ll also need different documentation depending on what your money will go towards. Have a look at our “What do I need?” page  to find out what else you need.

We think that by giving one million dollars to community groups we can help make West Auckland an even better place to live. That is our Million Dollar Mission.


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    Thank you for the money donated.