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Why are The Trusts giving everyone a smoke alarm?


The answer to that is as simple as getting your smoke alarm.

The Trusts belongs to everyone in West Auckland. We are owned by the community. We don’t have shareholders and we don’t have to pay dividends to a small number of people.

So instead of paying dividends into the pockets of a few, we “give back” to the community.

A couple of years ago I said that one of our goals was to responsibly increase our profits and when we had done that, we would not only increase how much we gave back, but every so often we would give a major gift that will really make a difference to the people of West Auckland.

Well if you’ve been following our progress over the last two years you will have seen that we have really turned this business around and now it’s time to deliver on the promise. We have purchased 70,000 smoke alarms and we sincerely hope that these units will keep every single West Aucklander, and especially our children, the sick and the elderly, safe in their homes.

Wouldn’t it be neat if by this one act, we put an end to people dying and being hurt in fires in our community?

All you have to do is pick yours up and either install it or get someone to help install it for you.

Some of you may ask, didn’t we do this before? The answer is yes and every so often we hear about a smoke alarm that we donated years ago, still working and saving a life today.

In fact, The Trusts and The Trusts Charitable Foundation have a very proud tradition of making the kind of gifts that make a difference to our whole community. In the past, this has included smoke alarms, first aid kits and car seats for kids.

Now it’s time to renew the gift. There will be many households today that don’t have one of the free smoke alarms we distributed a decade ago, people leave the area, houses are demolished and new ones built, the population is growing fantastically fast and there are thousands of homes now, that just weren’t there when we last gave away smoke alarms.

So it is time to take action again and repay the community that owns and supports us.

So what if you’ve still got one of the old ones – or a smoke alarm or two that you’ve bought for yourself? You really can’t have too many smoke alarms.

Please do come and get your smoke alarm. Who knows it may save a life. That life might