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The Trusts Art and Sculpture Awards is the top national arts event


The Trust Art and Sculpture Awards, the oldest and most prestigious art and sculpture event in New Zealand, ran its 2013 course at the Corban Estate Arts Centre in Henderson, during October, with around 400 entries from across the country, and more than 2,000 people coming to view the exhibition.

With a $4,000 top prize for the winning art piece and $2,000 for the top sculpture, the event, organised by Waitakere Central Community Arts Council and with The Trusts as principal sponsor, is the richest of its kind in the country, attracting both outstanding artists and judges – with independent curator Rob Garrett BFA, MA, judging the sculpture entries and Associate Professor Linda Tyler, director of Auckland University’s Centre for Art Studies, judging the art.

Well known Auckland artist Janette Cervin carried off the $4,000 Art Award with a remarkably detailed oil on board, entitled The Pianist. The work blends a pianist at an upright piano amid a riotous profusion of flowers and beside a waterfall and pool.

Judge Tyler found the painting to be “technically excellent” and that close examination of the detail revealed “metaphoric meanings”. Rob Garrett was no less generous with his praise of the winning sculpture by recently emerged artist Irena Admaska with her figure apparently reeling back in fear or horror, entitled Don’t Be Afraid.

Judge Garrett described it as an elegant marriage of expressive form, chosen material and expert technique carrying a “punch” that was only revealed at close quarters. This painting also took the Looking West Award. Second Prize in the Art Award was Blake Beckford’s acrylic on board Geometric 1.0 and third was Ruby Oakley’s mixed media Tag II. Ilsa Posmyk took the Still Life Merit Award, The Landscape Merit went to Barbara von Seida. Katie Theunissen received the Portrait Merit and Laura Marsh, the Abstract Merit. Suzaine Greenshields won the Our People Our Place Award and the Tertiary Award was won by Hope Gibbons.

In the sculpture section, the second prize was awarded to Irena Kennedy with Enrichment Activities and third prize went to Donna Turtle Sarton’s Our Daily Bread. John Paxie took the first Merit Award and Alexander Efimov, the second Merit Award. As an added value for the artists, winners now keep their own works which as major award winners may now command a premium. TTCF is a major funder of the event.