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Where there’s smoke there’ll be a The Trusts smoke alarm


Smoke alarms save lives. That’s a fact and The Trusts have decided that it’s time once again to distribute a free smoke alarm to every household in West Auckland.

How do you get one? Simple. We will deliver a voucher in an envelope to your letterbox on either Tuesday 25th or Wednesday 26th November. All you have to do is bring the voucher plus a copy of a recent household bill to one of our West Liquor, Village Wine & Spirits or King Dick’s stores, and we’ll give you a smoke alarm.

Smoke Alarm West AucklandIt’s free and it’s as simple as that. All you need is the voucher and a household bill with your address shown on it, to prove that you live within The Trusts’ boundaries and we will give you this potentially lifesaving gift.

The smoke alarm comes with a five year guarantee and a battery with a five year life. Despite the battery life you should test the alarm at least twice a year anyway. The fire service gives reminders at the beginning and end of daylight saving each year and we recommend you get into the habit of pushing the test button. It could save you! Don’t Throw This Voucher Away By Mistake! Whatever you do, don’t throw this voucher away. We’ll deliver a flyer reminding you that it’s coming around about the 22nd of November.

We will then deliver your voucher in an envelope to your letterbox on either Tuesday 25th or Wednesday 26th November. Also in your envelope you’ll find:

• Information about The Trusts – a leading New Zealand company that you own

• Instructions on how to collect your smoke alarm • Information about the smoke alarm and how to install and use it

• The address of our stores where you can collect them from

• A retail voucher should you want to make a purchase while in-store

There will also be advertising in the Western Leader, on the back of buses and on billboards and articles in the local newspapers and this magazine to remind you to redeem your voucher to receive a free smoke alarm.

Why Smoke Alarms?

That’s simple. Smoke alarms save lives. The fire service attends between 3,500 and 5,000 house fires a year. On average 38 people die in those house fires each year, including children and babies. Thirty of those people lived in a house which either didn’t have a smoke alarm or the smoke alarm wasn’t working.

That’s 30 people who could very well be alive today if they had the kind of smoke alarm we are now planning to give to every household in West Auckland within The Trusts boundaries.

And those figures don’t include all the people who were severely burned, but wouldn’t have been if they’d had a smoke alarm to give them early warning of a fire.

Nor does it include the properties that might have been saved if there’d been a smoke alarm to give early warning.

Many fire deaths happen at night when people are sleeping and don’t smell the smoke.

Working smoke alarms are the best way to make sure you and your family get an early warning of a fire so you can get out alive.

By giving you a smoke alarm, The Trusts is helping to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Where should you put a smoke alarm?

Up high is the simple answer. Smoke rises and moves along the ceiling. It will move up stairwells and vertical openings. When it can’t rise anymore it will build up, working its way down again. This means placing your smoke alarms on the ceiling will get you the earliest possible warning.

If you must position it on the wall put it 100mm away from the ceiling to avoid pockets of stagnant air that smoke cannot penetrate. If the smoke can’t get to the alarm, the alarm can’t do its job. But remember if the alarm is installed at a point higher than you can safely reach, to test it and when you need to change the battery. If it’s beyond your safe reach, get someone to help.


  • Antonius Gossen

    Good afternoon Team,

    Missing smoke alarm vouchers.

    We live with our two young children at 529 Blockhouse Bay Road and we own further properties which are rented out at 547A Blockhouse Bay Road, 194 Blockhouse Bay Road, 131-L St Georges Road and 45B Powell Street, all within Avondale/Blockhouse Bay but due to these properties being rented out the smoke alarm vouchers have gone astray and after discussing with your store manager here respectfully request if we can perhaps receive vouchers for the above properties but mailed to our address at 529 BHB Road or our P O Box 48099, Blockhouse Bay. We will off course be happy to send you copies of our relevant Rates Assessments for these properties.

    Thank you for your kind co-operation,

    Yours sincerely,

    Antonius T Gossen,

    H: 214 8984
    M: 021 1185 464