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The Trusts New Zealand Bowls Open 2015


The Trusts New Zealand Bowls Open is back, richer than ever and with a new home for the 2015 event in November.

The total prize pool this year is $40,000, up $5,000 from last year. This reflects the reality that the tournament is one of the most prestigious in the country, a status underlined by the fact that it it attracts between 250 and 300 bowlers.

It also gets excellent TV coverage while it’s happening and replays over the rest of the year. Not too many sports outside rugby get that sort of treatment and it all happens in West Auckland.

New Zealand’s top bowlers all want to play at The Trusts New Zealand Open which this year, will be played from Thursday 19 to Friday 27 November. Games will be held at the traditional venue Henderson Bowls and also at Blockhouse Bay Bowls Club.

The move was made necessary by renovations to greens at Henderson. All the same, Henderson Bowls will remain an integral part of the event with two greens to be used for qualifying and in the initial days of post section play. The televised finals will be at Blockhouse Bay Bowls Club.

The events for players with a disability, will be played at Blockhouse Bay Bowls Club from Saturday 21 to Monday 23 November.

In a further innovation, organisers have offered on-line entry for the first time. As always the event comprises Singles, Pairs and Triples for Men and Women as well as any Combination Pairs and Triples for people with a disability.

Entries are unlimited and only the defending champions of each discipline will receive a direct entry. To arrive at a main draw, contestants will play round robin, in sections of 4 to find the 64 players and teams for the Men’s Singles and Men’s Pairs, and 32 for all other disciplines.

Any playoffs will be completed after qualifying each day.

The singles format is first to 21, the pairs (3 bowls per player) and triples (2 bowls per player) are both over 15 ends. All formats have a two and a half hour time limit. Qualifying will be played in sections of four to determine the required number of qualifiers.

Find out all the dates and draw information in the Our West October issue.