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The Brickworks apartments under way at Hobsonville Point


As the Merchants’ Quarter Condominiums and Merchant Mews near completion in the heart of New Lynn, their developers, Tasman Cook, have launched another prestige development, this time it is The Brickworks at Hobsonville Point.


bricks2The “first sod” was turned by Mayor Len Brown on 7 February.

In keeping with the philosophy at Hobsonville point, the 60 apartment project has high aesthetic and sustainability values and 12 of the apartments are lower cost, in line with the Government’s requirement to create affordable housing for Auckland.

The 12 affordable apartments, at 20% of the total number, is twice the Government’s original target of 10%.

The Brickworks will also incorporate the first retail hub for Hobsonville Point which will eventually become a new town centre of some 3,000 dwellings and 8,000 or so people.

Hobsonville Point was created after the Government decided in the year 2000, to close the Hobsonville air base (see separate story) and the Hobsonville Land Company (HLC) was created to oversee the creation of Hobsonville Point. It was to demonstrate the best in social and environmental sustainability and the number of lower cost dwellings was to make it one of the country’s largest affordable housing developments.

Aimed principally at mid to high income buyer’s, The Brickworks’ name and brick and cedar design references the area’s historic association with the brick and pipe industries that once dominated Hobsonville and West Auckland generally. R.O. Clark’s, the first and the largest, began in Hobsonville in the mid 1800′s and ended up as a major industrial operation. It also led to the lime burning business that is today commemorated in the historic Limeburner’s Bay. As the Merchants’ Quarter Condominiums and Merchant Mews near completion in the heart of New Lynn, their developers, Tasman Cook, have launched another prestige development, this time it is The Brickworks at Hobsonville Point.

The Brickworks layout is of a four storey hollow square with car parking in the centre. There is a mix of single and double bedroom apartments with some single level, some maisonette (two storey). All have balconies and (including balcony) range from 53sq metres to 89sq metres and in price from $350,000 to $499,000. They come with a car park, fridge, dishwasher and microwave. The complex is secure and accessed electronically.

A proportion of the ground floor is reserved for shops and services. A medical centre and a café are already signed up.

The final style was arrived at after a detailed design process (including extensive overseas research) to ensure the complex met very stringent design and sustainability conditions imposed by HLC’s design panel. Aesthetics aside, the design and materials also ensure against a repeat of the leaky building horror of the past.

The complex has its own grey-water collection system for capturing and treating used water from showers, hand basins, and dishwashers, so that it can be recycled for watering lawns and flowerbeds.

A high level of interest from buyers reflects the strong interest in Hobsonville, which is blessed with one of the more beautiful locations in Auckland, looking eastwards over the upper Waitemata Harbour to Auckland, and over even more of the harbour and Herald Island to the west. The former airbase boasts two hectares of waterfront and four kilometres of coastal walkway.

It will be a complete community with large parks and playgrounds, its own schools, shops, a farmers’ market and ferry service.