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Shops to be `reborn´ as first step in Te Atatu Road upgrade


Te Atatu residents will soon see the start of demolition of the block of shops on Edmonton Road at the intersection with Flanshaw and Te Atatu Roads.

This will be phase one of the long-awaited upgrade to the Te Atatu Road Corridor between the motorway and Wakeling Avenue that is designed to make roaduser’s lives easier in the future.

Auckland Transport needed a portion of the land on which the block sits, in order to widen the outlet from Edmonton/Flanshaw Rd into Te Atatu Rd, with a new left turning lane.

“As we can’t take only a part of a block of shops for public works, what we have done is bought the whole site,” says Hussam Abdul- Rassol, who is leading the project for Auckland Transport.

“Now we’ll demolish the shops, and sell the land we don’t need, back to the original owner. He also owns the adjoining land and will aggregate the land we sell back with the adjoining block and rebuild the shops there,” he says.

The shops will be demolished during September, ahead of the start, early next year, of the main corridor works.

The next phase will see Auckland Council remove the sculpture from the Te Atatu-Edmonton roundabout in March. The council will hire a professional conservator to move the sculpture to safe storage until a new site is found.

The sculpture has to go because the roundabout is to be demolished in favour of traffic signals. At the moment, the roundabout can become a bottle neck whereas lights, phased with others already in place, will ensure that traffic pouring through this area benefits from better and fairer control and synchronisation.

The works will include a raft of relatively small measures to help traffic, cyclists and pedestrians flow better on Te Atatu Road and into and out of, surrounding streets.

Among the other features will be bus priority measures, widened intersections with dedicated lanes for left and right turning and straight-ahead traffic, cycle lanes and shared cycle/walking paths. At some intersections right turns into Te Atatu Road will be prohibited but alternative routes will be available to affected motorists.

Meanwhile, a painted flush median in Te Atatu Road will enable turning traffic to get out of the stream, helping to improve overall traffic flow and giving a clearway for emergency vehicles.

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  • Michael edward Burke

    does anyone have pictures of the shops coming down ?

  • Victoria

    Oh No! This makes me sad…. my parents had Flanshaw Store which my dad ran until someone set fire to it in about 1980 before it became a hairdressers. Now I wish I had taken a photo last time I was in the area a few months ago :-(