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Season’s greetings from our Simon Wickham – CEO of The Trusts


Season’s greetings to everyone!

I love my job and the greatest pleasure is knowing that, as a business owned by the community, we are making a real difference in the community. Another of the privileges is the opportunity to wish all of you each year, the very best wishes from all of us at The Trusts for a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and a holiday to remember for all the right reasons.

We have come a long way in the several years I have been writing these Christmas season good wishes. It has been enormously satisfying to end this year making a gift of a smoke alarm to every household in West Auckland, all 80,000 of them!

When we first started our journey of transforming the business during the depressed markets of the Global Financial Crisis, we knew better times would come again and we would be thoroughly modernised, efficient, profitable and ready to grow with an improved economy. We also promised that as soon as we were able, we would complete another major communitywide gift program, in addition to our ususal 200 or so annual sponsorships.

We debated about the nature of the gift and settled on smoke alarms because smoke alarms save lives. No question. About 30 or so people die in house fires every year, where the house did not have a smoke alarm, or at least a working smoke alarm. We probably can never know how many lives, and properties, have been saved by the early warning a smoke alarm gives.

Naturally we hope that you don’t ever suffer the trauma of a house fire, but some people will and if they have a working smoke alarm there’s a reasonable chance they will at least escape with their lives. Even one such case will make the gift worthwhile. Please make sure you have picked up a free smoke alarm for your household.

Details are are at

We hope that you are able to take the time over the break to enjoy the natural treasures that West Auckland has to offer, including our legendary black sand surf beaches and glorious rugged bush walks through the ranges.

If you are an art enthusiast, Te Uru has opened in Titirangi and is our pre-eminent gallery of contemporary art. We are proud that this extraordinary place has been partly funded through The Trusts Community Foundation, from money raised in West Auckland. We are even more proud that entries in The Trusts Portage Ceramics Awards will be on display there until February. These are the most prestigious Awards of their kind in New Zealand and it is our privilege to be their principal sponsor.

If you want to enjoy a social night out, we have worked very hard to ensure our restaurants and bars are ready and raring to help you celebrate over the Christmas season. Our West Liquor retail stores have a great range of gift packs and gift cards to help make Christmas shopping easier, we’ll even gifts wrap those special purchases for free!

For more details on our hospitality venues and retail stores, please look at

In conclusion, from all of us at The Trusts we offer our sincerest Season’s Greetings, please don’t drink and drive, in the sun do remember the old slip, slop and slap and above all, have a great season of peace, love and harmony.

Simon Wickham

Photo Credit: Abaconda via Compfight cc