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Report To The Community 2013


Report to the community 2013 (Click here to read the full report)

It’s been a good year

Last year we reported on the many measures we intended to take to revolutionise The Trusts and our contribution to the West Auckland community. One year on and we can proudly report that in 2012/2013, we kept those promises and delivered significant progress on all fronts.

Our performance has improved significantly – as a result our Giving Back has increased and will grow dramatically in the next year.
The new brands and customer service programmes have transformed our presence in the market place, won exceptional public support and made us a leader in New Zealand liquor retailing.

The commitment we’ve shown to supporting our employees and our community earned us international recognition.

We said we’d make the business more efficient and profitable. We have done.
Operating profits and equity increased through efficiencies and better performance.
As a result, we have:

• Close to $1 million to “Give Back” to the community in sponsorships, grants and rebates in 2013/14, with a target of $3 million in the future

• Set aside $2 million for more store refurbishments and a further $2 million to add some exciting new hospitality and retail sites

We said Giving Back would increase. It has.
In terms of money:
We “Gave Back” $198,169 in sponsorships, gifts and rebates to clubs. Of that, $144,000 was in sponsorships (an increase of nearly 50%).

Major sponsorships in 2012/13 included:

• The Trusts Arena

• The Trusts Sport Waitakere Excellence Awards

• The Trusts Portage Ceramics Awards

• The Trusts Waitakere Art and Sculpture Awards

• The Trusts New Zealand Bowls Open

• The Northern Mystics

• Waitakere United Football Club

• The West Auckland Business Awards

• The Trusts Henderson PSA International Squash Open

We supported over 200 organisations in total.
In terms of social wellbeing we:

• Continued our promise to West Auckland to avoid a proliferation of bottle stores and dairies selling alcohol

• Maintained our arrangement with The Trusts Community Foundation (TTCF) enabling recommendations from The Trusts elected members (Trustees) to greatly assist TTCF make informed decisions regarding all grant applications received in West Auckland. TTCF continues to return more than 95% of funds generated in West Auckland back to West Auckland:

• Voluntarily agreed not to sell RTDs with more than 7% alcohol
content from 2014

• Refused to sell legal highs and party pills

• Rigorously prevented sales to minors

• Applied strict safe-gambling regimes (in association with TTCF)

• Made strong, community minded, submissions to
— the Auckland Council Local Alcohol Policy
— the Gambling Amendment Bill

We said we’d earn your support and become
an industry leader. It’s happened.

• We have invested $3.5 million of a $5 million commitment to make your liquor stores and our customer service world class. Staff are also given industry leading training

• The results are we have received two major awards as an employer:
— one of four Dale Carnegie awards, given internationally, for leadership (previous winners include Boeing, Wal-Mart and Adidas)
— the Kenexa Best Workplace Survey Award for “Most Improved Large Workplace” in 2012

• We were finalists in the West Auckland Business Awards

• 92% of West Aucklanders approve of the new West Liquor stores

• 80% of them are satisfied with our venues (67% in the previous year)

• 74% of West Aucklanders support The Trusts overall

• Industry feedback says we are setting a high standard in liquor
retailing in New Zealand

We said the value of The Trusts model would be acknowledged. It has been.

• A leading wine grower told the Prime Minister that if the rest of Auckland’s liquor industry was managed like The Trusts it would be better for the community and better for the winemakers. “It’s the best system,” he said

• A leading liquor retailer told an industry magazine: “The Trusts model has benefits for the local community…. preventing the proliferation of minor liquor outlets. The recent refit of their stores has been well received by the community”

• Prime Minister John Key said at the opening of the Surf Club at Muriwai that he supported The Trusts model, and the benefits they bring to the West