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Opening of West Liquor Royal Heights


The great new image and brand continues to roll out bringing a new era in liquor retailing to West Auckland – an era where modern and vibrant stores are complemented by world-class customer service and superb product lines and specials.

The latest store to get the West Liquor “look” is West Liquor Royal Heights, which had its soft opening in early May and a grand opening a week later complete with music, sausage sizzle, opening specials and in-store tastings.

In addition to the crisp new “West Coast” colour scheme and bright, friendly interior that is now setting the standard for New Zealand liquor retailing, we did some major reconstruction to ensure this store was up to the standard we now require.

This standard is based on the research we did with the people of the West. Westies wanted stores that were pleasant and sophisticated (but not too flash), had the “feel of the west” about them, and for women in particular, felt pleasant, safe and welcoming to visit. On top of that, you wanted us to provide an excellent range of choice and prices that would match any in Auckland, coupled with staff who thoroughly understand their products and the concepts of world-class customer service.

The other thing the majority of West Aucklanders want us to do is to continue keeping the number of liquor outlets as low as is consistent with a good and convenient service – thus minimising the social and crime problems being experienced in many other parts of New Zealand which seem to have a liquor store in every dairy on every corner.

The new West Liquor brand has been well received by the people of West Auckland and we are looking forward to transforming more stores this year.