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Noeline Taurua to take key roles with Mystics and Northern Zone


Noeline Taurua, the only New Zealand coach ever to win the ANZ netball premiership, is coming to assist Mystics head coach Deb Fuller next year. She will also lead the coach development programme in Netball’s Northern Zone covering Auckland and Northland.

Mystics and Northern Zone CEO, Julie Paterson, told Our West earlier this year that, at the start of the 2014 season, Deb Fuller had put in place a three year programme for the Mystics. This programme would lay the foundations for a team that would return to the top and stay there. She said that the Mystics play a high-energy game which, is also high risk because it is balanced on a very sharp edge and relies on all team members being utterly familiar with both the game plan and the way the other squad members play.

Deb Fuller approached her old friend Noeline at exactly the right time for Taurua, who is studying towards a Masters of Science in Performance Coaching. Noeline had been working with the New Zealand Sports Academy, running its netball programme in Rotorua, doing international and local netball consultancy work and felt refreshed after a season away from the ANZ Championship.

Noeline says she likes the look of the Mystics, “those girls can play”, and liked what she saw at the end of the Mystics’ 2014 season.

Deb agrees, saying Taurua is an ideal fit. “We have a shared understanding of how we approach and respect the game,” she says. “The Mystics had to improve their grasp of physical dominance in the modern game so it is important to have an experienced coaching and management team to best support this”.

During Taurua’s tenure at the Magic, from 2008 to 2013, the team made three grand finals and reached the semi-finals every year. Get ready for a fantastic season!