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Million Dollar Mission Accomplished!


Million Dollar Mission Accomplished!


You did it! You helped The Trusts allocate one million dollars to 30 deserving community organisations doing great things in West Auckland. You voted every day to decide where the money should go and in the end, it took the community less than a month to allocate the full amount of funding available. Congratulations to all of the organisations that were involved in Million Dollar Mission. The speed that we reached the million dollar target is testament to the public’s support for the organisations involved and the excellent work that you do in the community.

On behalf of the organisations involved, we thank you for your support.

It’s not just about the money Money is often just a tool by which things get done. However, raising awareness is just as important. Through Million Dollar Mission, many of the community organisations involved have raised awareness of the issues being faced in our community and also the excellent work that they are doing to help people affected by those issues. The Trusts are proud to have given these organisations a platform to raise awareness of their causes. West is best West Auckland is a wonderful place to live – we know that. The response to Million Dollar Mission just goes to prove this point once again. It shows that we get behind people doing great things and that we are passionate about making West Auckland an even better place to live.

We thought we’d share with you a little note we received from one of the applicants their appreciation for being involved in Million Dollar Mission.

Hello, The Trusts,

A huge thank you for the opportunity to apply for funding for the Matuku Link wetland centre. The fact that we were able to achieve almost the full total of our goal of $100,000 is amazing. We are extremely grateful to all the board and staff of “The Trusts” for the wonderful Million Dollar Mission and the fortuitous timing that allowed the Matuku Reserve Trust to raise $85,125. We congratulate you all on the success of the mission and endorse the method as a great way to both finance the selected charities and raise public interest in them and the work of The Trusts. Congratulations on a ‘Mission Accomplished’ and again, thank you.

Geoff Davidson

Trustee Matuku Reserve Trust

Thank you Geoff for those kind words. Thank you to the Matuku Reserve Trust and to all of the organisations for the work you do on the community’s behalf. You make a huge difference and we are grateful for this chance to help you to make a difference. Thank you to everybody who took the time to vote, share, talk about Million Dollar Mission with your community, family and friends.

We look forward to sharing the stories of the impact Million Dollar Mission has made on the community, in the near future.