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Local personalities are the face of speed reduction campaign


Slow DownBillboards and direct mail featuring local people have begun appearing around Te Atatu and Kumeu South Kaipara, promoting a community based and led road safety campaign supported by Auckland Transport and Police.

Under the heading of “Love Being a Local”, local people have agreed to be “the faces” of the campaigns in which local people urge their friends and neighbours to “Love being a local” and slow down in the interests of road safety for all local people and especially children.

In Te Atatu the “faces” are rugby league legend and Peninsula School board member Joe Vagana, fire fighter Ally Sadler, cycling advocate Jemma Anissen and Te Atatu Intermediate School deputy principal, Steve Collins.

In the South Kaipara area they are fire fighter Aimee Murray and members of a local family Alex, Ella and Hannah Burnett.

The two areas were identified as communities where there is a tight-knit community that is likely to support local initiatives to address the issue.

Drivers are being asked to tackle the speeding issue together by driving to the speed limit and to the conditions at all times, to ensure the safety of others in their own community.

The problem of speed is defined as simple physics: the faster you go the less time you have to react to danger, the longer it takes to stop, the greater the damage from a collision and the greater the risk of injuries and death. To minimise these risks in their areas, drivers should slow down.

Besides the billboard and direct mail campaign, road safety advocates will attend events such as market days in August, to put up displays, talk to local people and hand out information and car bumper stickers.

Photo Credit: Viernest via Compfight cc