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Local Business – Love My New Zealand


d83af921d9175886759cbde0a30a1311A local business woman with a passion for the beautiful outdoors

Sharon, the Director of Love My New Zealand has three young children and her lovely husband, Jay. Here is what she has to say about herself.

“I always look for products and services from companies that are local, genuine and warm so that you know you are getting the best value and the best service but help to sustain the local economy. I love taking people on tours that are magical, unique and memorable and making my tour company the best it can be. I enjoy helping people to discover what New Zealand has to show us all and doing that in the most eco friendly way to maintain our special environment.

Love My New Zealand was born shortly after taking some of our own family and friends on a trip on their last evening before they had to depart the following day from Auckland. After an evening of outstanding food at what has become one of our partner flagship restaurants, we whisked them to one of the most stunning beaches in the West of Auckland (Piha) to enjoy a midnight walk in the moonlight.  Sharing the beach with the real owners, (the colony of blue penguins), they dipped their toes into the sun-warmed water and gazed at a dramatic sky of moonlight and stars. Driven home to some beautiful music meant our guests’ last evening helped solidify the memories of an amazing trip.

One of those guests, Steven Hunsdale, Northern Irish Artist, was so moved by the evening that upon his return home, he laid onto canvas the experience of his last night at Piha. This piece was subsequently named, “Midnight at Piha.”  Since then, we have been taking visitors and residents alike to some of the most beautiful spots in and around Auckland, The North Island making sure their memories last forever.

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