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Dale Carnegie Leadership Award


We are very proud to have recently received the prestigious Dale Carnegie Training® Leadership Award. This international leadership award was established in 1985 to recognise a company that places special emphasis on the development of its human relations, innovation and organisational creativity

Awarded companies recognise and use people and cultural development, in tandem with solid processes and technology, and who are a major contributor to the well-being of their economy and society.  Amongst the prestigious award recipients globally are companies such as; Ford Motor Company, Boeing, Adidas and Coca Cola.  There has only been one recipient in New Zealand who has received the Leadership Award, more than 8 years ago, and this recipient was Victoria Park New World, then owned by Rob McGregor who trained 100% of his staff over a 5 year period and who also carried out the above criteria to receive the award.

The nomination process is very stringent and there has to be evidence of a significant shift in areas such as; company culture, profitability, implementation of good leadership skills, human relations, innovation and organisational creativity.

This was easy for William Farmer, Managing Director of Dale Carnegie New Zealand to measure, because over the 5 year period, with the help of Martha Gibbons, Manager – People & Culture and Simon Wickham CEO, a strategy was formulated early.

In 2012 The Trusts received the Kenexa ‘Best Places To Work Most Improved Engagement Scores’ of any company in their category in New Zealand.   This can only be achieved from buy in from all their leaders within the business and to achieve this goal there had to be a rapid shift in culture and acceptance of change.  Simon Wickham’s background in Leadership supported the initiatives outlined from Martha and sent the culture change process into overdrive.

More than 80% of The Trusts staff have been involved in training to develop their skills in people connection. Every year The Trusts holds their Excellence Awards evening which is an annual event that celebrates “Best Practises” in many areas, such as Excellence in Customer Focus – Retail and Hospitality, Values Champion of The Year, Manager of The Year, amongst other awards.  This Excellence Awards evening came out of an innovative idea to formulate “an agent of change engagement team” .  The project was to throw down the challenge to any staff member within the Trust who wanted to participate.  Regardless of what position they held at the Trust, they could join the team and give their ideas on how to improve the Trust Company Culture.  The Excellence Award’s ceremony is one living example, of the many ideas implemented, that gave William Farmer the evidence that the Dale Carnegie awards panel needed.  There is only one of these awards presented in the Asia, Africa, Australasia area per year.