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The Trusts has a proud history of ‘Giving Back’ to its community, where ‘Giving back’ means giving back to our community a better model for serving and selling alcoholic beverages as well as returning surplus profits back into the community in the form of grants, donations, sponsorships and rebates. Our “Giving Back” also includes managing the impact selling liquor has in our community.

For example we don’t have a proliferation of shops on every street corner selling booze like other parts of Auckland. We have checks in place built into our till systems in store and staff trained to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors in West Auckland.

Protecting young people in our community from the poor practises of liquor sales seen in some other parts of Auckland is a key difference in West Auckland, as is the fact we don’t have dairies that sell alcohol and all our profits, in one way or another, goes back to the community or reinvested into this community owned business for future generations.

We have adopted a Statement of Social Responsibility to lead our commitment to good practice in the sale of liquor and in gaming operations at our venues. We’re proud to lead the industry in both these areas.

You can read our Statement of Social Responsibility by clicking here.

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