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Giving Back a million times


Around $1,000,000 that’s what we’ve budgeted to return to the community in the form of sponsorships and gifts to the community and rebates to clubs.

This is a magnificent way to start keeping our promise, made last year, with our goal to significantly increase our “giving” to the community. It was why we adopted Giving Back as our slogan.

This is just a start. Our revitalisation programme has been successful in its first year and we’re expecting the returns to keep on increasing.

This of course, is the benefit of having publicly owned licensing trusts. Unlike supermarkets and other private liquor businesses, we don’t have to pay dividends to private shareholders (some of whom may be overseas), we pay dividends to the community itself.

We haven’t yet worked out how we’re going to spend all that extra money but one notable addition to our portfolio is the magnificent Sport Waitakere Excellence Awards of which we are now naming rights sponsor. We’ve also signed up to be naming rights sponsor of The Trusts Arena for another 10 years, helping to keep that magnificent facility so affordable that anyone can use it for as little as $5 (for adults) and $3 (for children) for casual court hire.

These sponsorships stand alongside other flagship relationships such as, The Trusts Portage Ceramics Awards and The Trusts Arts and Sculpture Awards – both of which are the biggest of their kind in New Zealand. We have renewed our commitment to The Trusts New Zealand Bowls Open, The LG Mystics and Waitakere FC, and to the West Auckland Business Awards.

The Trusts also provide rebates to private clubs in West Auckland that have bars and/or restaurants. Naturally if you join a club you expect that your liquor costs will be cheaper than you’d pay in a public bar. Yet the clubs often rely on profits to fund club activities and charity. Our rebates, as a liquor wholesaler, make that possible.

All in all we currently support more than 200 organisations and activities, large and small in the West Auckland area. You can count on that list getting bigger with an extra $750,000 in the budget!

We’re very proud of our commitment for the coming year; we don’t believe any other business organisation in Auckland and possibly New Zealand, is more involved in supporting its local community than The Trusts in West Auckland.

Thanks for reading.
Kind regards
Simon Wickham
The Trusts